My experience with the Bosch WAE24272AU Washing Machine

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I was looking around for a good 2nd-hand washing machine, preferably a front loader, as I had heard that they are much more efficient in using resources.
I had an old top-loader Fisher & Paykel which had a habit of breaking down and required replacing the computer. So I wasn't interested in going down that road again.
After selecting, bidding and bringing this unit home, I went to YouTube to find an instructional video about the features and what the Bosch machine could do. I had also looked at a Samsung of similar size and price.
Once I worked out how to turn the machine on (no instructions) the video filled in the blank spots and I have been busy catching up on washing out many items around my house. The quality of the wash seems to be great, with the whites actually looking white rather than just dirty white. The colours look great and I have the option to do a mixed load as well for all the synthetic fabrics which isn't as hot or as long. Interestingly the only connection for this machine is cold water, as like many dishwashers, it heats it's own water to temperature. The water extraction tube is able to be permanently connected to a faucet in much the same manner as a dishwasher.
I am so pleased not to visit the commercial laundramat each week. Each visit was also a bakery visit as well while the clothes were washing.
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