My experiences on ebay

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Those to beware of-My first experience on ebay was one that just about put me off for good,I had a couple of posters up for auction & I was really thrilled with the outcome,funny thing was she didn't answer my emails or anything & I didn't realise that all I had to do was put in for an unpaid item,I wasn't told so I didn't end up with my refund.The girl skipped out of ebay,so it would have been great knowing what I was to do.

The only other thing was a woman that put false info about the item she was auctioning,making it sound like a deal of a life time,naturally I won the auction, she sent me part of the item & the  other was a note appoligising for not being able to find the rest of the article which was the only reason I had bid on it,she sent me a refund of $3.50 for the things that would have cost me around $18 - $20,I wasn't feeling too happy but it'll come back on her at some stage no doubt....Always check their feedback tells you a lot about the person,and be wary of things that sound too good to be true.Other than that there are some really lovely people out there.The fast payers are the best & paypal is an excellent source of payment.Take care people.Regards Georgette

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