My views on Ebay trading:

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Ebay gives me a fabulous chance to meet and trade with other people whom I would never meet so I love everything that go's along with my Ebay . I always try to treat others honestly - as I would like to be treated  when trading. With Ebay trading we rely so much on trust: all of us trusting sellers and buyers alike. Sometimes though  no matter how much you try to be polite in trying to reach an amicable resolution to a problem, I have felt I had to be the initiator of leaving a Negative Feedback on two occasions. The last time I should have left it sooner as it may have saved other unsuspecting Buyers from this Seller and I regret waiting now (I waited 6 weeks for an item or a refund) but, if a Seller makes a refund offer only ...conditional on leaving them +positive feedback first... (ie:before they will give you that refund)......well then people need to know what that Seller is like.I think that is not only unprofessional, but is called Feedback Extortion. I now know that  a small % of Ebayers can't be trusted to "do the right thing", and the only tool we have in order to WARN other Ebayers about these sort of practices is to be HONEST when leaving our feedback, and YES even if we have to leave Negative Feedback otherwise these sort of Sellers will keep ripping  people off!!. And yes of course I knew that I would get Negative Feedback in return once I acted. -- But hopefully you will understand  that if what I did in some way helps to keep Ebay a SAFER place to trade well..... I would do it again in a heartbeat! Lesley
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