My views on packing, postage, & feedback.....beware.

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Copied with permission and thanks.   Postage and shipping how to`s 

Hello fellow eBayers, after a few badly delivered items, it is time to vent. I have sold and bought items, from tiny to huge, from all over the world. My most positive feedback is about receiving an exciting item, with great  communications, packing, postage/shipping, and my most negative is about overcharging for poor wrapping hence receiving damaged goods. I am a collector, therefor, damage is NOT an option.

I protect and send my items as safely as I would expect to receive items, and when I receive poorly sent items,  beware, if damage occurs, or even nearly, you will receive feedback stating so.  I will not accept excuses nor  blame on the carrier. If you pack it correctly, it will arrive safely. Acts of God accepted of course and the purely totally unforeseen accident which we can all accept. IMPORTANT. Do not allow cardboard, paper, flat plastic or fragile items to be safe in poor soft boxes, soft flat packs or paper/bubble wrap bags. Think it might get bent or squished, then IT probably WILL. Protect the item at all costs. The original collectible box or wrapping is just as important as the item itself. Protect it from possible damage as you would glass, and PLEASE, no dam sticky tape, plaster or such on the Coke outer or any item outer box, wrapper, container or sleeve, as once any sticky is applied, consider the item wasted.

If in doubt, tell me extra protective packing will cost more, we are happy to pay a few dollars extra for your materials, than receive a damaged item. Returns, we don`t want/need the dramas. If you desire positive feedback and or if you can`t accept honest feedback regarding your part of the transaction, do a better job or don`t sell in the first place. Ask your postal people for their help and the carriers for advise on protection if in doubt. Would you like YOUR goods damaged when they arrive?

On quoting ship/postage costs during an auction. What is the point of us asking for a quote or even the exact charge and getting told, "wait till auction finishes and then we will wrap it and tell you total ship/postage costs".
Hello, we/I need to budget ship/postage into the equation BEFORE auction ends to see if the total cost is viable to us BEFORE a bid is made.

On FEEDBACK, a quick note. Logicaly thinking, feedback as a buyer is optional as far as I am concerned. I will reply to yours when you leave it, but I have enough to be considered a fair Ebayer. As a seller on occasions, I do leave feedback, as soon as the item has been paid for, fairly and honestly. Once a seller has been paid, the onus is on you-the seller, to first leave feedback. We the buyer have done our part and you may judge us on that finished part of the transaction. Once the item arrives, it is then your part of the transaction finished, and hence we leave you your feedback.
I will NOT leave feed back FIRST as a buyer. So, if I have done my part correctly, then I will receive my feedback, then my item, and pending condition and times involved, you will expect your feedback with all due honesty, as long as you the seller have done so first. Do not be afraid of negative feedback, unless you are expecting it. If in doubt, ask us buyers, we don`t want/need the dramas. remember.

That all said, I throughly enjoy my Ebay time 99.999%, meeting others on here from all over the globe. My Coca Cola collection is over 4000 items strong, from as early as 1918 shop scales, to  the latest gadget and fashions. I hope this is read and received in the positive sense I have intended it to be.

A few items for sorting.

Keep on Ebaying,
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