NEED to REPLACE your Turbo? - How to IDENTIFY your TURBO!

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Normally, you can identify the turbocharger by Model Name, Part Number and OEM number.
Model Name:
This generally indicates the general size and type of the turbocharger.
Part Number:
The specific part number of a turbocharger is assigned by the turbo manufacturers within a range of turbochargers. This specific part number can be used to identify the turbocharger straight away, so usually it is recognized as the best form of turbo identification.
Customer Number or OEM Number:
OEM number is assigned by a vehicle manufacturer for a specific turbocharger of a vehicle. Please note that performance turbochargers for generic use do not have an OEM number.
So how do you identify your turbocharger if the tag is missing?
Vehicle model, engine model and build date are also helpful in identifying turbochargers, but they are not as reliable as three ways we mentioned above because  the vehicle might be retrofitted with a different type of turbocharger. In such circumstance, we strongly suggest you email the image of your turbo, which will assist in identifying the turbo.

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