NIMH Batteries. Those not so jolly green things

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If you plan to buy some NIMH batteries make sure you steer well clear of those green no name ones which state they are 2500 mah.

They are completely useless and at a guess would be lucky to get enough steam up to push out 150 mah. They take about 5 minutes to show fully charged when new and after 10 full charge/ discharge cycles they still take only 15 minutes to top up using a low charge rate charger. I put a full set of 4 through their paces and using the flash on my camera I managed to get 5 shots off before "REPLACE BATTERIES" flashed up on the screen

I wrote to the seller of these batteries and here is his reply after correcting the spelling.......

I used a fast charger that uses a delta-V shutdown and charge rate of 1C. The
voltages were between .8 to 1.1v on all the batteries prior to placing them in the
charger. The first charge all the batteries showed charged after 5 or less minutes
in the charger. It should of taken over an hour to charge them. I discharged
them at a 1 amp constant current and the batteries lasted less then 15 minutes till
dead. I repeated the process and the results were worse.

But I didn't give up. I slow charged them overnight and the results came back with a
2300mah capacity. I retested them again on a fast charge and they worked fine. They
charged for 1 hour 5 minutes. I have heard that Nimh batteries have a learning from the first few
charges. But I never found a battery that showed it as these batteries did.

The "Delta V Shutdown" was an attempt to impress. All it means is the charger shuts down when the batteries are charged. I wonder how many users would even guess to carry out the same work? Anyway I've already tried it and it too is as phony as the batteries.

This guide isn't designed to get you to buy a specific brand of battery, it's designed to warn you of those horrible green wannabees. Steer well clear and also be warned of the seller who states "The batteries you receive aren't necessarily the ones pictured"

Another lesson learned regarding the old 1 cent for the item and 500% markup on the freight. This seller did offer me a full refund if I pay to freight them back to China or a partial refund (1 cent) if I kept them. If you see that 1 cent trick you can just about be assured the goods are rubbish.
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