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I been looking at Nokia N97’s on eBay. Not all of them are completely the “real deal”. I hope this guide will be helpful for any eBayers looking for a genuine Nokia N97. First of all, there are different Replicas of the all new Nokia Flagship phone on the market. There are ones that an average person should be able to spot out, and there are some that are basically the real deal with minor defects. If you look at the Qwerty keyboard closely you will see that it looks a bit off white and rubber like. (As if it’s been used heavily already) Another thing to spot out is that the finish of the chrome finishing running around the edge of the phone is much shinier like a mirror, whereas the N97 genuine isn’t as polished up as the replicas. Third, the colour of the white plastic fascia is a little “off” white. (And the “N97” Text is too bold) If your staring at the LCD on the handset....there’s one minor defect... the Handset LCD is deeper than it should be, notice around the edge of the screen, it seems like its grooved out, (compared to the genuine, this one is deeper than it should be.) the size difference of the Video call camera is significantly smaller on the replica. And some buttons on the handset are black*, (*only applies to white handsets, in future this error will be most likely resolved on the replicas. Although black handsets this part is not nessisary) Notice that beautiful 8 megapixel camera ??? looks more like a VGA camera with that pinhole ? well that’s because it is ! The replica N97’s sport a VGA Camera with led flash, (as shown next to the camera the square....that’s the flash). The N97 Genuine has a solid black camera within that space the replica has both camera and flash placed. Below the camera and flash the text is incorrectly placed (not centered and incorrect font) Another flaw in the replica is the “Nokia N97” text on the rear of the handset (as shown) The text “N97” is more bold and squared compared to the soft lines on the genuine. If you do not already know what the software on a genuine Nokia N97 already looks like...find out ! the replicas have cheaper software consisting of rubbish compared to the sleek interface the genuine N97 has. Make sure you study the images of the handsets shown on ebay (unless the item listed shows an official picture) and make sure you do not purchase Nokia N97 ASIAN VERSIONS (common term used for these replicas) thanks for reading my guide, I hope you found it helpful, If you have a question, feel free to send me a message. Happy bidding !
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