Nail art - Beautiful hands for the creative mind.

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Nail Art can be beautiful with the right hand and right product. eBay provides a great selection of nail art products and advise.

Most of these products are perviously imported as Australia doesn't manufacture many of our own Nail arts products, so don't be afraid of quality when buying internationally.  

The key points i would recommend you cover when buying are as follows

* pictures seem to be particularly deceiving relating to nail art products and nearly all are generic pics not of the actual product you will recieve. A simple solution is to ask measurements, and know measurements of the product you are looking for eg. 1mm diamante or 7ml bottle of polish.

* Check the postage, most of these products are small and require very little postage.

* Used Nail polish is never of lasting quality.

* Always check feedback take note of any negative feedback relating to quality of product.

* I find users with eBay stores have the highest quality product and are most approachable regarding questions and returns.

* Diamonte's and other "stones" are best set into acrylic nails, I find the clear polish you use to set them makes all the difference. Keeping in mind nail glue on natural nails cause drying.

* If you haven't used a product before check how it could effect on your nails - I find some glues or polishes leave a stain or seriously dry my nails.

* Get creative. Your talents will improve the more you practice.


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