National versus International Postage

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Some  buyers can be caught out when  postage costs are charged internationally.

For many smaller sellers, and some bigger sellers too, an international postage price is not actually quoted even though an item is indicated as being available "worldwide".

Some international buyers see what is a genuine national delivery postage quote and may expect that to be the actual postage fee to be paid internationally. It is not the case.

For example, one item to be posted regular mail anywhere in Australia weighing about 1.5kgs was AUD$8.50 ... yet to Air Mail that same item to, say Germany, is AUD$43.50 or via slower surface mail AUD$23.50.

So, an item won at auction or Buy It Now for $20 is an all-up cost of $28.50 within Australia, but can jump to as high as $63.50 to, say Germany.

Of course most experienced buyers and sellers are aware of all of the above.

Buyers wanting to purchase internationally should query the seller of the actual postage charges to their country, particularly for heavyweight items. For smaller  lightweight items it is not so much of an issue.

In experienced international buyers could be caught out or at the very least surprised at the actual delivery cost of some items.

Ask for a quote and most sellers can be spot on or very close to the actual postage fee to a particular country.

Of course, many high turnover sellers provide international postage charges as a matter of course.

If the buyer is in any doubt - ask the question!

Sellers not quoting international charges, but offering to send worldwide, could perhaps invite those interested internationally to inquire about post charges to their particular country.









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