Natural Perfumes

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There are a lot of businesses advertising all Natural or Organic products that cannot be classified as Natural or Organic in the true meaning of the word. Just about all mass produced perfumes are created with man made or plant altered chemicals. It may say that this perfume is Rose or Jasmine but in most cases they are synthetic replicas of the aroma. There has been varied safety issues with Synthetic perfumes such as the Man made Musks, these are just coming out into the open now and we will hear more about it in the next few months. If you compare a mass produced perfume to an all natural one you will not believe that there could be so much difference. Natural perfumes will not blow you out of the room with the intense odour of a synthetic, natural perfumes are much more subtle and being a whole part of the plant they have aromatherapy health benefits to them. The best Natural way to experience the Natural perfumes is to try one made using an all natural carrier oil. Jojoba is a favorite and will moisturise your skin at the same time as slowly releasing the perfume scent. Some natural perfumes are in Alcohol just like the synthetics but you must be careful as pure alcohol is hard to obtain, in most cases its perfumery grade alcohol that has been denatured by having some sort of chemical added to make the alcohol un drinkable. Therev is a move by the public to use Natural products where they can, just beware that some companies will jump on the Natural bandwagon telling you that their manmade stuff is Organic and Natural when it is not the case. Always insist on the ingredients list to know what you are getting.
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