Natural Wax Polish - Safe for kids!

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This product will revive lightly scratched timber as well as clean and protect. Safe for use on childrens wooden toys too.

Natural Wax Polish can be applied "as is" with a soft lint free cloth and lightly buffed to produce a low gloss luster. Make sure you dust your furniture before applying the polish and don't put too much on in one hit. A little goes a long way.

For the handyman or woman .... if your looking to restore a lacquered timber surface and using Natural Wax Polish as a Furniture Reviver, there are two ways you can apply it.

  1. Using OO or OOO grade steelwool impregnated with the Natural Wax, (Which may be thinned with Mineral Turps on a 1:1 ratio) Rub in the direction of the grain to a smooth lustre finish. Remove any excess Natural Wax with a clean, lint free cloth.

  2. Using 400 grit Fre Cut sandpaper, lightly denib the surface. Then, using a mixture of 1 part Natural Wax to 2-3 parts Mineral Turps, spray a light coat over the surface and remove any excess Natural Wax with a clean, lint free cloth.

Always test any cleaning or restoration product in an inconspicuous place on your furniture to ensure there's no reaction between the existing coating and the product.

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