Near New With Warranty ?

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"Near New With Warranty"

I have seen this in quite a few sellers trying to sell equipment they have had for a few weeks get bord and sell the item.

So what wrong with that?... Not a thing until You Need The WARRANTY to get the item fixed or replaced. Unless you are buying from an authorized reseller selling refurbished equipment (90day warranty in most cases) or new equipment (12 months warranty in most cases) the warranty would stand in most cases. I say in most cases as thowing your PSP at the wall because you cannot pass a level is not coverd by any warranty. Nor is poring hot water into your toaster for a coffie : )

However if your buying "Near New With Warranty"  from a person who has purchased it first from new, then it is highly likely you have no warranty at all!

"Near New With Warranty"

The item would be classed as second hand  not  "Near New With Warranty".

Why you ask?   

The first person who purchased the item is the original purchaser of the item. The Warranty will apply to them only. They will have the original proof of purchase/sales docket from the Authorized Reseller you do not.  Also the warranty is not legally transferable to the next person unless this is stipulated in the warranty (most makers do not allow this)

Also the first purchaser may have filled in and sent the warranty card back to the maker to register the warranty or clam.

Again SN#  of the item is in another persons name not yours and you will not be abel to tell them the place of purchase or date...No Warranty Service would be provided!

Before you purchase if you have doubts ask the maker of the item to send you the warranty terms and conditions and ask in righting if they will accept an EBAY invoice as proof of purchase. If you have the item already give them the SN#. 

A good company will have a list of equipment registered by warranty cards sent in by owners.

My last bit of info: when in doubt ask questions lots of them- be informed- research what you want to purchase-byer beware.

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