Need Spare Parts For Electrical Appliances -Please Read

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When purchasing spare parts for electrical and electronic appliances unless you already know the part number required or can identify the part accurately from a photo in a listing or on a website it is important to quote the brand, model name, and full model number to be sure to get the correct part.
This is rarely the number or name printed on the front panel of the appliance. Usually there will be a small label somewhere.
For Chef, Simpson, Westinghouse, Vulcan Everhot & many other stoves, this will either be just inside the griller compartment or around the oven door cavity somewhere.
Chef stoves usually have a manufacturer number and a sales code. Both are important.
Westinghouse models with lift up hobs have it on the edge of the cabinet under the hob.
Omega & Smeg stoves & ovens often have the model number on the top or the back, even if they are built in.
St George stoves usually have it at the very bottom of the oven door and often the oven door has to be removed to be able to read it.
Simpson, Fisher & Paykel, Kelvinator, Kleenmaid & late model Hoover washing machines usually have the model number just at the back of the control panel. Older Hoover washers have it on a label on the bottom of a side panel. GE & Americana usually have it at the very bottom of the front panel.
Whirlpool washing machines have it on a label on the hob at the rear of the lid and can only be read with the lid open.
Many European made front loading washing machines have a production number as well as the model number.
Most dishwashers have the model number on a label situated on the edge of the stainless steel inner door lining. On Bosch it is at the top of the lining and is screen printed. Most Electrolux brands such as Simpson, Chef, Westinghouse, Dishlex, Global, etc. usually have it on the side of the lining.
The number on the front panel of most Asko dishwashers is sufficient to identify it.
Microwave ovens usually have the number just inside the door, eg Panasonic, or on the back panel, eg most Sharp models.
Dryers often have the model number either behind the door or on a label on the side panel or the back panel.
Many Electrolux owned appliance brands, eg Simpson, Westinghouse, Global, Dishlex, Vulcan, Frigidaire, Kelvinator, Chef, and others often have additional information after the actual model number such as F/C J*01, *FC, etc. This is very important as it can signify newer revisions of models that sometimes use completely different parts from the earlier versions..
Fisher & Paykel appliances often have a product code as well as a model number and this too is important as sometimes different parts are used in the same model number.
Most vacuum cleaners will have a small label either on the bottom or near the power cord somewhere. The number on the top such as 1400 for example, usually only signifies the wattage of the machine and in most cases is irrelevent.
There are even some cases where the actual serial number is important, due to revisions being made after a certain serial number.
Electronic equipment such as TV's, VCR's, DVD's, HiFi Equipment etc usually have a label on the back panel.
Whether you are purchasing a part from our ebay store, or another online store or even from your local electrical or electronic appliance store, this information is very important. It is particularly important if you are requesting information about a part that either does not exist in our  ebay store or is there but you are not sure if it suits your particular appliance. The quicker we know this information, the quicker we can help you.

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