Never Trust Anyone

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The key to successful bidding is always doing your homework. Regardless of the rating a seller has, their items are not always genuine and/or authentic merchandises. Ratings is not always the key to trusting a seller. There are many sellers out there trying to make a quick buck and like the saying goes if it’s too good to be true, it’s the case. Even if items are listed as the RRP their items can also be fake. NEVER trust anyone.

Always ASK questions and seek for proof of authenticity. Even some sellers have made duplicates of Certificate of Authenticity which can trick many buyers in to purchasing their goods. Even questioning the seller of the authenticity, they will 100% of the time confirm it’s real, never fall into this trap.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK and find out from the real retailers themselves for advice. Many of them are more than happy to help all you need to do is ask. Pictures can be used to help compare and contrast the differences and many times you will be able to see the difference straight away from a genuine to a fake.

After deciding on bidding and making a payment, the best thing to do is pay via PAYPAL or some sort of reputable exchange of cash to ensure that the transaction is made and you’re able to recover your money for any unforseen reasons – again you can never trust a seller.

Once you have received your item, check that you have bought for what was describe and dispute anything immediately, it’s better to report straight to EBAY than to resolve with the seller which will often try and delay the process so your time runs out to lodge a formal complaint. There are many tricks which these criminals do which many should be aware off. HAPPY AND SAFE BIDDING – TRUST NOBODY.




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