Never infected by computer viruses - for Symantec Only

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I hate computer viruses that come with email attachement. I normally can spot them and delete them before they can do any harm to my computers.

Most of the time your computer(s) infected by viruses because your Symantec viruse scanner programs have old viruses definition files.

I have experienced once a while ago where I have my Symantec definition file updated; three hours later I received an email with a viruse attached and my Symantec did not detected it.

So I had to update the definition file again then it detected the viruse.

Instructions below allow you to update your Symantec viruse definition as often as you like - prefer every three hours to fully protected so this require you have ADSL, once a day if you have dialup.

In my knowledge, it works on any version of any Norton/Symantec programs - Please prove me wrong and I will give you free postage if you win the bid from my Ebay.

There are two options to use to upate viruse definition file.

Option 1 : For users who know how to write basic batch file(script) can create their own script.

Option 2 : For users who don't know much about scripting or users who just don't bother create their own.

Here we go....

Option 1

1-1 download a file below from Symantec to your choosen directory(any directory).

1-2 run navup.exe by double click it then it extracts a file - vdX.vdb where X could be any numbers/characters

1-3 rename vdX.vdb to - (the extracted file is a zip file)

1-4 unzip files from to directory C:\progra~1\common~1\symant~1\virusd~1\incoming

1-5 That is all - You have completely updated your Symantec viruse program(s)

Option 2


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