New Mint marks Counter stamps and Privy marks

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Mintmarks,Pivymarks Counterstamps.. new terms to Discribe our Coins

CEO Janine Murphy of the Royal Australian Mint introduced the followingTerms to assist in the identification and origin of Australian coins

These new terms are best illustrated by the year 2008 Uncirculated Original Coat of Arms one dollar coin, The Royal Australian Mint is now releasing Coins with mint marksprivy marks, and with counter stamps.

The mintmark will continue to be used by the mint but it will be a mark on the original die. The actual Mint where the coin was struck. This mint mark a raised letter on the coin for example    C   indicating the coin was struck in Canberra 

The privy mark will identify specific sets, designers, special events or commemoratives issues . The coins produced by the RAM with dies that have been modified with a letter or symbol with a square surround are now called  privy marks.  This does not identify a coin being struck at any particular Mint or location.  This privy mark the letter  B in a square surround for example is  indicating the coin is associated with the City of Brisbane.

The counterstamp is a Circular mark on a coin that has already been struck with it's design. The Coins are struck at a mint and then counterstamped later at coin shows, fairs,  moblie presses from around the country. This counterstamp the letter M in a circular surround for example is  indicating the coin was counterstamped at a Melbourne Mobile Press or Coin fair  held in Melbourne ,

This is a guide only and is subject to review and alterations as new facts come to light, however the information is currently accurate and is being used by some dealers and the RAM


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