New Pool Games For Kids and Adults

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Are you starting to tire of the deafening choruses of ‘marco!’, ‘polo!’ that endlessly echo through the neighborhood, and inevitably imprint upon your brain every summer? 

To be fair, the game itself is great, everyone can get involved and it entertains kiddies for hours on end, always a blessing. It’s just that it seems to be the only pool game that kids know, and the volume and repetition is, well, challenging to say the least. 

So, we have decided to collate a list of new hip games for the pool that don’t involve the words Marco or Polo. Remember that you can be creative, most of these games can be adapted or altered slightly depending on the crowd and the pool toys you have on hand.

Treasure Hunt 

Simple but effective. Grab a handful of coins and drop them into the pool, then tell the children to jump in and find the ‘treasure’. Let them keep the coins they collect as a prize. This game is perfect for swimming pool birthday parties. Especially fun in the evening, when it is harder to see the treasure, just turn on the  swimming pool lights for an eerie feel.


One player remains in the pool while all of the others start outside. The player in the pool is the crocodile. When the crocodile yells ‘go!’. All of the players have to jump in the pool and swim to the other side and get out without being tagged. Any tagged player has to remain in the pool as an additional crocodile. The more crocodile’s there are, the harder it gets! The last player to be tagged wins.

Rubber Duck Race 

Line up a group of kids at one end of the pool. Give them each a toy rubber ducky. The aim of the game is get the ducks to the other end of the pool by nudging or blowing them (no hands or feet allowed), the first to do so (without cheating) wins. To make the game a little more fun, the children can distract the other players by splashing them or creating waves that push the competitors ducks backwards. No one is allowed to actually touch another player’s duck; they can only use water to distract. This game is quite entertaining for adults too.

Ping Pong Ball 

Number a bunch of ping-pong balls in permanent marker and drop them into the middle of the pool. Divide the group of players into two teams, with one team positioned at each end of the pool. On the whistle, both teams scramble to the centre to collect the balls and swim back out to their side of the pool to drop the balls into a bucket. Each player can only collect one ball at a time. When there are no balls remaining, the numbers on the collected balls are counted and the team with the highest score wins.
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