New Research On Nutrition For Pregnant Women

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Many pregnant women are found to be deficient in Vitamin D. Not unusual considering the amount of information in the last couple of decades about keeping out of the sun, make sure you wear sunscreen, sunnies, hat etc etc.

Did you know that the current federal recommendations for daily vitamin D intake are outdated and inadequate? The current guidelines do not take into account recent scientific findings on the role of vitamin D in maintaining health and preventing illness.

Due to this research, recently Vitamin D is something that some doctors believe should be testing more regularly, as it seems it is involved in overall health. The standard optimal level should be between 50 – 65.

Why does Vitamin D have such a positive affects on our health and on so many diseases, because Vitamin D is a powerful epigenetic influence and regulates over 2000 - 3000 genes.

Many women and especially many pregnant women are deficient in Vitamin D. All women should really look at optimizing their level.

But it is imperative for pregnant women to Optimise their Vitamin D levels.

Some research suggests that the risk of Autism in children is increased due to prenatal deficiencies in Vitamin D. This means a decrease in Autism is possible simply by making sure mothers have enough Vitamin D when they are pregnant. The research is so new, but what can it hurt to make sure you have adequate levels.

Optimal level of Vitamin D is also said to help with ADHD, auto-immune diseases, asthma, allergies and premature delivery, it is even said to increasing fertility.

Vitamin D is also a potent antibiotic, which means it also helps with the common cold. How does it work ? It stimulates 200-300 anti-microbial peptides, and is virtually non-toxic. If your Vitamin D levels are optimized you are less likely to catch flues….interesting fact.

Vitamin D is absorbed through the skin when we are exposed to sunlight. However don’t think you are getting your dose of Vitamin D when you are sitting in your car driving to and from work. Any and all windows filters out and blocks UVB light.

The best source of vitamin D is direct sunlight. The body does not produce vitamin D on its own. Some foods, such as dairy products and some cereals, are fortified with vitamin D and can help increase your levels.

If you are looking to supplement your diet Vitamin D supplements, there are different types of Vitamin D, and the type that is best is Vitamin D3 (not D2).

My Vitamin D level was 49, 3 months ago just below what would be considered normal. All I have done is increased the amount of diary products I have been consuming and it now measures at 61, which is well and truly inside the optimal level. That might not work for everyone, as I believe I may not have been consuming enough dairy products to begin with.

Please look into your Vitamin D level if you are pregnant. Ask your doctor and do a bit of research yourself.

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