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I have been buying and selling on Ebay for quite a while now.  and everyday I see more and more NEWBIES 

the biggest lesson Newbie Ebayers should learn is TAKE YOUR TIME. don't rush it.  STUDY your My Ebay because it is in My Ebay that you will find out exactly what you are bidding on, Watching, Winning Buying and selling.

When you click pay now button for an item you have won, that Pay Now doesn't mean you have Paid Now,  that is checkout it is where you learn where to pay for your item, it is then you choose which method of payment whether it be by PayPal, Bank Deposit ( prefered in Australia)  when you win an item you will be sent an invoice. with a PayNow button on it. click on that you will be taken to a secure sign in page it is there that you will be given the bank details of the seller ( if the seller has them on file there)  then you go to the bank  to deposit over the counter or  use your own internet banking and transfer the funds into that account, Sellers like it when you pay fast, if you can't pay as fast as you would like then email the seller, Good communication between seller and buyer is very important. Leave your username, item number or bank branch number so the seller can locate the payment in their account easier. Once payment is sent  mark it off next to the transaction details in your My Ebay.


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