New Zealand Merino Wool Baby Sleeping Bag The Benefits

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Rachael From Buba Chic Has Traveled The World For 10 Years Working For Some Of The Worlds Most Affluent And Powerful Families.

From The "Upper East Side" , Connecticut and The Hampton's To Living With English Aristocracy At "Ragley Hall".

Rubbing Shoulders with The EU and NATO Elite In Brussels Belgium To Pushing Prams Down Northcote Road In London.

Hear What She Has To Say About These Gorgeous Designer Merino Wool Sleeping Bags!

Why Merino?

NZ Merino is the worlds "Wonder" fiber.
It is 100% Pure, Natural, Biodegradable and Renewable. The wool is Whiter, Longer and Stronger than any other and I believe is produced by the worlds Happiest Sheep :)

Temperature Control

No Need To Try And Guest The TOG Merino Does It For You
Merino creates a micro-climate around the body. The wool breathes and has the amazing ability to manage moisture and temperature, keeping your loved one comfortable in any climate. Merino can absorb 35% of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp.
Essentially Merino Keeps Your Child Warm When Cold And Dry & Cool When Hot!
Bonus: Merino has a natural UV resistance.

Improved Sleep

Studies show that a regulated body temperature improves sleep. Resulting in a happy children...... Happy Children = Happy Parents.

Touch - Cashmere Class

Itch free- stylish luxury for your buba
NZ Merino is so soft to touch, the fibers are so fine yet durable there is no prickly sensation you can get from lower grades of wool....Pure luxury

Fire Safety

Merino has a natural fire resistant properties, it takes extremely high temperatures for merino to ignite. The wool fibers will burn and not melt as synthetics can.


Your Merino Sleeping bag is machine washable. It stretches and moves with the body yet after washing will simply spring back into shape. Merino absorbs less odors and needs less washing than most other fibers.
It has a natural elasticity there fore less need for ironing if any.
Did You Hear That Mums?

Eco- Conscious - We Care

NZ Merino is nature's renewable resource and has a light footprint on our wonderful earth. It is biodegradable and is a
Healthy Safe Choice For Your Family.
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