New computer items in Australia on Ebay warranty

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Are warranties for electronics and computer products valid if you purchase from an overseas seller?

Is it worth saving a few dollars now to spend more later?

Frequently I get repairs for computers or queries on computer and electronics related items such as digital cameras, handycams, laptops, printers, monitors or other items purchased either duty free or from dropshippers that are located overseas whch should be covered under guarantee.

However the items that where either purchased overseas or purchased from an overseas supplier on Ebay generally have no valid warranty in Australia.

The product may be 100% identical to a product purchased locally, however time and time again the manufacturers representatives in Australia will deny relability stating that the item was not purchased in Australia and therefore you cannot claim on the warranty supplied with the product.

There are some exceptions but these are rare.

For the manufacturers and suppliers that are selling these products and delivering from overseas, this is a huge increase in profit for the following reason.

1:) They have virtually no warranty overhead, even though they supply a warranty with the product they know that they will virtually no claim for the following reasons:

  • The warrany is not valid in Australia
  • If you want to enforce the warranty then you have to send it overseas to the original supplier, at your cost.
  • You are unlikely to send the item overseas as it is to expensive to pay postage both ways
  • You are unlikely to send the item overseas because of the extra time it takes and you probably want it now

2:) The manufacturers will make extra profit out of you because of the following reasons

  • You are  likely to pay the repair charges to the local branch of the manufacturers
  • You effectively have no other choice than to pay to repair or replace locally

They are reaping in millions of extra dollars from this practice, yes it's a global marketplace but not where warranties are concerned so next time you are looking at buying that electronic or computer  item ask yourself is it worth it to save $10, $20  or more now, when if something goes wrong you are likely to have to spend 5 or ten times as much to fix the problem.

Safeguard yourself when buying these type of items:

Check that what you are buying has an Australian warranty, don't ask the overseas seller phone the local warranty service centre for the product you are thinking of buying and check there.

Beware when buying not all sellers state that they are supplying from overseas, a lot of sellers located in Australia are just a fronts for dropshippers from overseas, so ask the question of whether this is supplied with an Australia warranty even from local suppliers.

Personally every product I supply is sourced from local suppliers with warranties for Australia and I find I am not generally a lot any dearer than overseas suppliers, and you have peace of mind all warranties are valid.


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