New eBay Buyer's Tips - Do's & Dont's

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Are you new to eBay?

Not sure how to go about making a purchase and successful completion of your transaction?

Here are a few Tips which will hopefully make your buying experience a happy one.

Once you've registered with eBay, you're ready to begin buying lots of wonderful bargains and hard to find items.

Firstly ... if the item you're looking at has a Buy It Now (BIN) price, that means that you can buy the item straight away, without the need to bid against other eBayers.

Sometimes an item with a Starting Price will also offer you the alternative of Buy It Now as well. Once a bid has been placed using the Starting Price, the BIN option disappears. It is then open for others to bid against you.

Ok, so now you've placed a bid ... and lets assume that you've been successful and won your item.

You'll receive an email from the seller advising you of the final price including the cost of postage & handling (p/h) or if it doesn't arrive, you're able to email the seller asking for that information.

Once you've made the payment, email the seller and let them know the details.

This is such an important point, I can't stress it enough ... Advise your seller by email or through the email 'contact the seller' form.

What does your seller need to know and Why?

On most bank statements, a branch deposit will only appear as 'Deposit ... $x.xx' ... From that information, the seller cannot possibly work out who has made the payment. If the seller only sells one or two items, it isn't too hard for the seller to work out who has made the payment. BUT ... for high volume sellers (such as Lindy's Goodies) this type of bank statement entry leads to a highly time consuming and frustrating search, often leaving the seller with no more information than at the beginning of the search.

It is our experience, that it is this type of entry which causes the most arguements on eBay between Sellers and Buyers.  Sellers often outline their requirements for payment information in their 'End of Auction' emails, Item Descriptions and other communications, but still Buyers often omit this vital step in the transaction. 

Buyers on the other hand, may remember that the Seller needs the information but forget to email the Seller, or email incomplete details.

This is what the Seller needs:

  • Date of Payment
  • Amount of Payment
  • Payment made by ... Branch Deposit, Online Transfer, Money Order or Paypal .....
  • Item number that the payment covers
  • Your Username

When making payments online, it is much easier for the Buyer to leave an easy reference such as the item number or your username.

Here are a few 'references' which we've received in the past. I'm sure you'd agree that these don't make identification easy for Sellers ... we've had ...

  • Lindys Goodies
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • Ebay payment
  • Body Jewellery
  • Tongue Bars

and don't laugh ... we've even had ...

  • Username (this was probably left because we write in our 'End of Auction' email, that buyers should leave their 'Username' in the reference so that we could make easy identification of their payment!
  • Thank You (another doozie!)

So ... if you can remember to email your Seller and provide all the necessary payment details, you'll have no reason for the Seller to be unable to identify your payment.

However, sometimes difficulties can still occur. Email programmes can crash (this has happened to us) which means that your email won't be received by the Seller. As a result if your payment remains unidentified, you may receive a Non Paying Bidder Alert.

This is an ALERT - it is NOT a Strike against your username. It doesn't become a Strike, unless the Seller still receives no notification from you regarding payment and closes the Alert. Then a strike is left against you. BUT, it CAN be removed by the Seller once payment is identified, and once removed, it WON'T affect your status or reputation on eBay.

Email the Seller, or go through the eBay message system or better still, respond to the alert advising the payment details ... the Seller will then be able to identify your payment and process your order without delay.

One final Tip:   Give Sellers the benefit of the doubt. The majority are Honest, Reliable individuals who are making a living either part time or full time, on eBay.

The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and intended only as a reference and guide for eBay users.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this Guide ... I hope it gives you some confidence to help make your buying experiences on eBay lots of fun and painless ...

It would be wonderful if you could vote on this Guide for me ... I enjoy seeing the score and knowing whether it's been of some help :)

Happy eBaying!




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