New tip for Making your own Rub ons Hairspray

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I have learned a new tip/trick for Home made rub ons for those who were getting smudging the use of Fine Mist Hair Gel  and Hairspray work well too don't know why I didn't think of the hairspray trick long before now, as I know from the years of gymnastics and callathenics competitions for my daughter they use hairspray to help prevent the leotards from riding up the bum during routines cos it acts like a glue, so here is some more info for you.

Begin by inserting the transparency into your inkjet printer. You want the printer to print on the smooth side of the transparency. Open your word processing or photo editing program and create the text/image you want to have as a rub on. Next, format your printer settings so that it is set to print on Fantastic Rub-On Transfers From Stuff Around The House!
Get ready to have lots of fun making custom rub-on transfers.. I have a wonderfull time using computer fonts to create titles for scrapbook pages as well as unique rub-on embellishments for our homemade cards. Supplies:

1 Inkjet Transparency
Fine Mist Hair Gel
Hair Dryer (optional not needed in Aussie summertime)
Ink Jet Printer


Step 1: Spray the fine mist hair gel on the transparency. Holding the film a few inches from a mirror allows you to see if you have a good even coverage over the film. Only spray enough to cover the film completely. You don’t want the gel to “run” down the page, yet you need enough gel to cover all areas of the film

Step 2: Using the hair dryer, dry the gel to the transparency. It should only take between 20-45 seconds if you placed the correct amount of gel on the film.

Step 3: Prepare your artwork using any number of design or word processing programs. You can also stamp the images on the film with dye or pigment based inks. NB Important: The design or image will need to be reversed. You can flip the image in your desired program or complete the image mirror in the printing step.

Step 4: Set your printer to the “T-shirt Transfer” mode or select “Mirror Image” in your printer options. If you already flipped the image in your design software or word processor, you can skip this step.

Step 5: Print your image on a normal print setting. This should provide enough ink to make a wonderful transfer while making sure the ink does not run. You may need to experiment a few times to get the right setting. *NOTE: Only print exactly what you desire to rub-on and not excess images. You will be able to use the transparency many times.

Step 6: Allow the ink to dry in place. You can speed the drying process with a hair dryer, but be careful not to blow the ink out of place. Place your image flat on a surface and spray with a light coat of hairspray. Using the hair dryer, dry the hairspray in place.

Step 7: Gently lay the rub-on onto the artwork. (Practice first!)  rub the image in place. Make sure to rub the entire area thoroughly to release the image. Gently peel away.

I guess you could also find yourself making some spare pocket money using this techniqe making rub ons for friends and family too.

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