New to eBay?? Be reasonable to sellers..

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It takes a lot of trust to complete a purchase on eBay, not only from the buyer, but also as a seller. The main issue eBay seller's encounter is the fact that we are very limited in the restrictions that can be implemented when allowing buyers to purchase items from our store's. Problematic buyer's are impossible to avoid, and no-one benefits from dealing with a sticky situation on eBay.

There seems to be an increased number of people, mostly new to eBay, that expect unreasonable services in regards to a purchase, where it may be same-day delivery, excessive packaging, and so on. We all started somewhere, and eBay is a great place to buy and sell, but take note that most sellers are everyday people, just the same as buyers, with commitments and time-constraints. Some requests and expectations are simply impossible to fulfill.

Take time to contact the seller if you have any questions regarding delivery, packaging, and so on. Most will reply within a reasonable amount of time and be happy to help with any enquiry. This type of marketplace requires cooperation from everyone involved, and a reasonable amount of trust and loyalty to those that deserve it.

Thanks for reading!! and Happy eBaying!

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