Newborn Baby Clothing Checklist: What Essentials To Buy

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Buying what's really necessary for a newborn can be very overwhelming for a lot of moms especially frst time moms. We all know how fast babies grow so there's no need to buy a whole bunch of unnecessary items that baby would wear just a couple of times. However, keep in mind that babies tend to get messy too pretty quickly, so if you're not the type of mom that does a daily load of laundry, I know I'm not! A couple more onsies and sleepsuits can save your day.

As a mother of two beautiful children, I learned my lesson the hard way, many unworn items went to the back of the closet. So I decided to put my expertise, and make some more research to come up with a checklist to help you shop for your little one. But before that I want to share a few general tips with you that come in handy when buying clothes for your newborn;

  • Go with items that are easy to open when changing the nappy. Cmplicated clothing items are not the smartest choice especially when you realize that you will be changing them several times a day.
  • Avoid clothes that need to be pulled over baby's head, a lot of onsies and sleepsuits have snap buttons than open and close either from the front or the back, those are perfect.
  • Get soft and comfortable clothes. Avoid clothes that have rough inner seaming. Simply get what feels good on your skin, mommy always knows best.
  • Although grown-up style clothes might seem very appealing and adorable, limit your purchase to only one or two for each size if you really feel the urge to buy them. only babies can get away with wearing sleepsuits for a day out, so why deprive them that privilige? After they're 6 months of age, and if your baby is a social butterfly, feel free to get as many as your heart calls for!
  • Not all babies grow at the same rate. Some babies will outgrow their clothes fast, and some will start at preemie size and still be wearing their newborn clothes for months. So get the essentials, and after the baby comes and you know their size, you can get more items.
  • Prepare for the weather. Winter babies need more clothing than summer babies. This is covered in the checklist below.


So here's the checklist of what I think are the essential clothing items that you need to buy for your newborn:

  • Short-Sleeved Onsies: 7 for a summer baby and 3 for a winter baby. 
  • Long-Sleeved Onseis: 3 for a summer baby (for the slightly colder nights) and 7 for a winter baby
  • Sleepsuits: 5-7 sleepsuits and/or pyjamas (I prefer sleepsuits for newborn babies simply because they're more comfortable and loose around their tummies).
  • Shirts: 2-4 short-sleeved or long-sleeved, depending on the weather
  • Pants: 3-5 closed and/or open feet. I prefer closed feet just because I dont have to use socks which tend to loosen or fall off baby's feet. However, for a summer baby you should get a few open feet pants for the hot days, so baby doesn't get over-heated.
  • Jackets: 1 medium warmth for either summer or winter babies, and another warmer jacket for the winter baby. If you have very cold snowy weather though, you need to consider buying a snow suit or a very thick fleece coverall for outings.
  • Hats: 2-4, depending on the weather.
  • Socks: 5 pairs
  • Booties: 1 light pair for a summer baby. 2 warmer pairs for a winter baby.
  • Burp cloths: 8 should be enough, but if your baby has reflux, you might need to get more.
  • Sleeping bags or snoozies: 2 should be enough.

I hope you find this checklist helpful, I'll be back with more tips, so check back soon. And please check out my new ebay store where I sell handpicked Baby and Toddler clothes. In the store you will find comfy, cute, practical and affordable clothes for your newborn baby too! All items are now ON SALE!

Trying to make other moms' lives just a tiny little bit easier.


Maria, Owner of HootHootStore



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