Newby's guide to feedback

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Feedback is the back bone of ebay - in a system where everything is based on trust and the assumption that when you pay somebody that you don't know, they will send you what you paid for,the reputation of the seller is the only guarantee that you have that you will get what you paid for!.

Important things to remember are :

  • you should always leave feedback - this ensures not only that you are letting other people know about your experiences with a buyer/ seller but also that you will receive feedback as well
  • you should always check feedback - the only way that you will get an indication of somebody's reliability as a buyer / seller is to check up on what other people's experiences with them have been like. Sometimes the feedback in the 12 month time slot can be negative but all of the current feedback in the last 6 months is great! this can be a good indication that when the person started buying or selling they may have been a bit slack with payments / sending out items but could have grown as a buyer/ seller and could be a fantastic trading partner - so check carefully and diplomatically!
  • Take note of 'neutrals' - say that I had a 100% rating and you had 100% , I was having an off week and we both got on the wrong side of each other - a 100% rating can be like gold to some sellers and they will be very careful to protect it!. This can mean leaving very negative comments under 'neutral' or 'positive' headings so that they so not get retaliatory feedback in return and ruin their rating. This can be unfortunate but also something that you need to be aware of.
  • Take care ( as a seller) with leaving good feedback for a difficult customer if they haven't left you feedback yet. One in every 100 or so sales / people that you may deal with, there will be a bad apple -  there are difficult people on and off ebay and you need to expect it. If you have done everything correctly as a buyer/ seller and you just happen to have come across a difficult person or a person that you suspect of being dishonest, make sure that you have received feedback from them first before you receive it - there is nothing like leaving somebody a really positive comment only to have them come back and drop your rating by a few percent and you not being able to do anything about it!
  • Last but not least, if you have received a negative and left a negative back and feel that it was all a big isunderstanding, go through the ebay feedback resolution process and see if your trading partner might like to participate in mutual withdrawal ( meaning that you both withdraw your feedback for each other ) - which can be very successful when you have both cooled down! lol...for more info about feedback, check my advanced users guide to feedback! have a great day and feel free to come in and visit Tie Dye Heaven where we value our customers and our committment to a better ebay!


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