Nexus 5 by LG: A brilliant 4G smartphone

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Having just set up and wrapped a new Nexus 5 smartphone, I have to say that I am impressed.

As usual with my smartphones, I wrapped this one with a full body kit from Best Skins Ever. Easily done. This will protect the front screen and the beautiful white  back.  This 32Gb model has speed and a heavier duty battery than the Nexus 4 16Gb I just sold on eBay, which I also thought was a great 3G phone.  I've even stayed with Vodafone through their trials and tribulations. Their new 4G shared plans are very good indeed.

My wife was amazed at how quickly the Bluetooth pairing using  CarHome Ultra on the Nexus 5 took place.  I was impressed with how quickly Google updated Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) to 5.0 and then 5.0.1 (Lollipop) and the many new features.  Some 81% of smartphones run Android (sorry Apple) and this version is their best ever. 

If anyone is afraid to wrap their smartphone, or has had disasters doing so, there is a little secret to doing it successfully: Close the windows and doors in your bathroom, then steam up the room. Let the steam clear naturally, and it will take any dirt in the air to the ground. Make up a soap solution (300mL water: 1.5mL washing up liquid) and put it in an el cheapo spray bottle from Woolworths. Use this to spray your fingers and the sticky side of the plastic wrap. Such wraps are self-healing and are used to protect helicopter blades. Works every time.   I never use those horrible plastic 'Hello Kitty' or silicon pieces that people use on their phones. Ugh!

All up, I am very happy.
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