Nintendo DS - Which one?

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-edited for clarification-  (november 2010)

Which Nintendo DS should you get?

The NDS (nintendo ds) comes in 4 forms -

  • the original 'Phat' Ds, study, bulky
  • Ds lite - sleek, light, amazing screens in comparison
  • DSi - pretty big upgrade over the Ds lite
  • DSi XL upgrade over the DSi (with huge screens!)

The original DS is large -usually grey in colour. The battery does not last as long as the Lite and the screens are dimmer. I find this one is ideal for people working, playing in rough conditions or people with larger hands (if you can find it cheap then its perfect for a very young child! (aslong as they dont swallow the stylus!). It's very strong so a fall to the ground won't break it, if someone tries to kick or throw something at you it will bounce off your pocket and not damage yourself or the ds (speaking from personal experience) this model also has a significantly smaller stylus  compared to the lites longer and thicker model which can be a tad annoying on games that require lots of stylus use.

  • is larger
  • smaller stylus
  • lower range of colours
  • screen can be viewed in direct sunlight a lot easier (and can be turned off )
  • sturdier
  • not as attractive in my opinion but it is still a great cheap machine
  • (hard to describe ) buttons feel similar to that of a mobile phone keypad which is different to the lites

The new and improved Lite is a beautiful sleek machine, featuring sceens 3x brighter! stronger battery, smaller design but doesn't feel as strong as the original one (my personal opinion) - and Gameboy Advance games stick out unlike the original DS making them both have their ups and downs. It also comes in various colours  depending on place of purchase.. ranging from pink, various blues, white, black, red, and various others.

  • updated model
  • thinner, sleeker, comes in many colours
  • larger stylus for ease of use
  • gameboy advance games stuck out which can be a hastle
  • not as sturdy as its thicker previous model but is a very stable machine that will last a very long time
  • brighter screens
  • (hard to describe) the buttons feel a bit easier to press but it they can be found in most stores, so give it a go!


Now for the DSI!



The nintendo DSi is a redesign of the already redesigned nds'........... it  features..

  • two VGA digital cameras (back and front)
  • Faster CPU  and 4 x more ram!
  • content storage (256mb internal and external SD card)
  • online store
  • Slightly larger screen
  • available in a variety of colours  as well
  • slightly shorter battery life (I am assuming because of the lower MAH rating on the battery compared to the lite and having a faster processor)
  • Not compatible with GBA games, as it physically does not have a GBA cartridge slot

in the end I personally rate the DSi pretty highly, its still fits  as well as it does in your hands and basically is a huge upgrade over the previous model!


Now for the DSi XL, this is one behemoth of a DS! (not really) but, it now has a huge 4.2 inch screen! which is enormous compared to the 3.5 inch found in the other DS lite.

As you can see in the photo below, it is a monster compared to the DSi, but that can only enhance its awesomeness

Slightly more expensive but easier on the eyes due to the huge screens  but anyway it features;

  • two 4.2 inch screens!
  • much better battery life over the DSi!
  • louder speakers
  • thicker stylus

Not really much of an upgrade regarding the internal specifications, but  I think its good to have this as an option for those who like a larger screen

Personally I do find this to be a little overkill in the handheld gaming market( due to the size, its large and fits in your pocket but..yeah you will have to check it out in a store if you have the time!). A lot of people prefer the PSP's large screen and this can help those who have eye strain on small screens such as my self over long periods!

so if you're looking for a gift  for your kids, family, friends or even just yourself! Consider the DSi and or xl, won't be disappointed!

I hope this helps out new buyers or people buying this a gift for someone else.. Thanks for reading this, enjoy your day.

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