Nintendo NES Consoles and Games

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The Nintendo NES was released in Australia in 1985. A fabulously popular console in its heyday makes it a perfect cantidate for retro collecting now. There are over 200 titles which were sold into Australia and many more overseas, particularly in the USA. The first incarnation of the NES, commonly referred to as the 'toaster' or 'front loader' suffered from a cartridge connector mechanism which can have durability problems. This can potentially render the system inoperable. Several sellers now offer refurbished systems with repaired or replaced connectors and warranty which can offer peace of mind and the security that your retro gaming system will function as desired when received. The later incarnation of NES was the 'top loader'. This version is much less common than the original version and commands a higher price. It does not suffer from the same cartridge connector problems as the original version. Unfortunately the 'top loader' lost the A/V output option of the original version and is left only with an RF output.

NES games can suffer from dirty/corroded contacts from excessive use and poor handling. It is difficult to be able to identify this from an eBay auction. Look for a seller who offers a screenshot of the games running or preferably refurbishes the game with the correct tools and cleaning products and who offers a guarantee that the games will work.

NES games are some of the most playable of all retro consoles. Graphics are suitably chunky compared to the super high resolution of today's contemporary systems however this adds to their charm. Many classics first saw the light of day on the Nintendo system. Such classics include Super Mario Bros., Zelda, Megaman, Kirby, Metroid & Donkey Kong. Classics such as this often fetch the highest prices. Games are often sold as cartridges only however complete games in mint condition with box and booklet will fetch the highest prices.

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