Nintendo Wii Console Review

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Wii Console Review

So you're thinking of buying a Wii, but you're not totally sold just yet. I didn't have a wii for a long time, but as soon as I got mine, I wondered where all the fun had been hiding for so long!

The Wii has some next generation features as well as backwards compatibility that are available to everyone. Next generation features you say? Yes! Nintendo pioneered the wii remote (known by gamers as a wiimote) to bring a whole new level of interaction to gaming.

Taking a big swing in golf,  smashing an ace in tennis and bowling that ball down the alley now feels like you're actually there.

Remember all those times your parents told you that leaning from side to side won't do anything? They can't use that excuse anymore ;) With Mario Kart Wii you hold the steering wheel up in the air and turn it left to right. You can get great steering wheels from our store plus massive bonuses at

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What about Boxing! With the Wii Boxing Gloves, you'll feel your "guns" getting bigger and stronger as you battle it out in the ring. Lean back to dodge jabs and left hooks, you'll really feel like your boxing for the world title. Get your Wii Boxing Glove package with heaps of bonuses from

When it comes time to shoot some Zombies in House of The Dead 2, or protect the hostages and take out the terrorists, you're going to need a gun. The best thing about the Wii is that you don't need to buy expensive accessories. Get a Wii Light Gun, put your wiimote inside and away you go. There are many different types of guns for the Wii. You could use the wii zapper, the hand cannon from House of The Dead and much more.

So can you see how much fun the Wii is compared to other consoles? You actually get in the game (which means you need to get off the lounge) but the trade off means an absolutely awesome gaming experience.

The final thing that I forgot to mention was the Gamecube compatibility. With other consoles such as the PS3, you had to be lucky and get in quick to buy a model that supports older games.

With the wii, there are none of these restrictions put in place. If you can't afford to buy one of the "rare" backwards compatible consoles don't worry about it. Under a "secret hidden panel" there are 4 gamecube controller ports for when you are playing your older gamecube games.

If you're looking for old style gamecube controllers, why not check out our store. We've got gamecube controllers with awesome bonuses as well as a reward for reading our guide. Check out our store at : Clints Gadgets Store

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