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The Ultimate Wii Accessories Guide

If you need to know about Wii Motes, Nunchuks, Charging Stations and Carry Cases. You've come to the right spot.

When I bought  my first wii console (yes I love wii so much I have owned two at once), I realised that there are heaps of accessories out there that make playing Wii so much more fun but it's hard to know what they all are and where to look to get them at a decent price. In this guide i'll talk about some of the Wii Accessories that you can buy. I hope you enjoy reading!

Wii Remotes (Wii Motes)

Have you ever gone to a mates place and you want to play games but he only has one controller and you have to take turns? There's nothing more annoying than that, so you'll need at least two wiimotes ), and then you need to purchase a wii nunchuk for games like boxing, fishing, and wii play.

Not all games need a nunchuk. A nunchuk is an accessory that plugs into the bottom of your wii mote, and looks like a small banana with a joystick on the top.

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Wii Charge Station

If you're a serious gamer then the battery tends to run out pretty fast, so I've got a wii charge station. It allows you to stand your Wii vertically while a fan keeps the Wii cool. It also holds a Wii remote and has 2 built-in AA battery chargers.

Wii Mote and Nunchuk Silicon Cases

When you're playing, things can get messy. Instead of getting the controller dirty, you can use a silicon case which is easy to clean. I just take mine off the wiimote and wash it. Having a silicon case is great for keeping a firm grip on your accessories so they don't launch towards that expensive TV of yours.

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Wii Carry Case

If you're going to a friends house to stay overnight or over the weekend, surely you have thought "wouldn't it be great if we could play Wii while i'm here".  I've had the same thoughts and after stuffing the wii in my bag with all those cables the Wii got scratched and didn't look great afterwards that's for sure.

So next time you are going to a mates house or even taking your console on holidays with you, don't leave home without your wii bag. It has room for all of your cables and wiimotes as well as your console of course. Plus you also look like a serious gamer ;)

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There's just about every kind of accessory that you could ever dream of made for your Wii to make it stand out from the crowd, protect it from damage, and make it easy to transport. So if you're looking for some super hot bargains with loads of value and awesome bonuses, check out the Clints Gadgets store:

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