No such thing as a free lunch

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Why am I writing this guide?

As a warning  to members who may be less experienced using the eBay Community forums. In a lot of ways the eBay forums are no different to the real world, there is good and bad everywhere, however there are some experiences I would like to share. I've been posting on the eBay Community Boards for over 8 years now, so consider myself to be fairly experienced.

I like to post with my selling id, I feel that when helping less experienced members with their problems that the member seeking advice feels comfortable and knows who they are communicating with. eBay does allow posting id's and they definitely have their place, however the system is easily abused, given the fact that the rules are not always enforced.

What can happen when using your selling id on eBay Community Forums!

There is an element that exists  where gangs of members maliciously report your posts and listings, they post with a multitude of id's for the sole purpose of belittling others. eBay have not fully addressed the problem, even when notified directly.

This is an unfortunate situation, I believe the community can benefit tremendously from experienced buyers and sellers responding to posts. eBay can benefit too. .

Please be very careful when using the community boards with your trading id.






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