Nokia 6280

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THE NOKIA 6280 - ( 3G )

Slider handsets allow the main keypad to be hidden from the user when not required – reading messages, receiving (and even making) calls, browsing WAP pages, and listening to music. When you need the keypad for number or text input a quick push on the top section reveals the keypad ready for use. There is definitely a size reduction in sliders (length mainly); but generally these handsets become thicker than your average. Another advantage is more room for a bigger display!

It’s only been in recent times that Nokia have really caught up with other big mobile phone manufacturers in camera quality, and even display quality. The 6280 features a state of the art 2mpx digital camera with video and still image capability. Like all of the high-end camera phones the imaging application is landscape oriented for a true imaging experience.

The camera isn’t everything about the 6280, although it is quite the selling point! The handset also sports a 320 x 240 pixel TFT LCD, miniSD memory card support, video calling support, push-to-talk and an FM stereo radio.I have been commented on by many people at the clarity and colour depth in the LCD of this phone. Even people with phones such as the samsung D500, and Sony Ericsson K750i were amazed at the display.


Roam around the globe, 3G or non-3G with dual-mode network compatibility. The Nokia 6280 supports the 3G WCDMA 2100MHz band, as well as three of the 2G bands – GSM 900, 1800, and 1900MHz. This should give you network coverage on almost every continent on Earth.

I was dissapointed not to see Symbian interface on the 6280, but the Series 40 interface should suffice for those who don’t rely on Symbian applications. The Series 40 interface on the 6280 is the latest revision, version 3, so it’s not the same as the one you might remember from the Nokia 6610!
The 6280 has a scraping-the-barrel amount of internal memory at only 6MB. Some images on the 6280 are in excess of 500KB, so you’d be lucky to fit around 15 images on the internal memory.

Luckily, a hot-swappable miniSD memory card port is built into the 6280, and the handset comes with a 64MB card. If you’ve got the money I’d suggest going out and buying a larger capacity card, it’s a wonder why Nokia didn’t include 128MB. I bought a 512MB SanDisk memory card for my phone.

Problems/ Issues

as with most handsets, they have their good points, but they also have their poor points.


When you hover over an icon the main menu the whole icon starts to animate. Usually, this is a great little touch to a user interface if it’s done well. On the 6280, it just looked horrible! When the icon started to animate the whole thing looked pixelated and any lines were more like steps! I don’t know what happened here but I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t have.


this camera can only be used during a video call. there is not option to use it as a camera outside of a video call. so that means no vanity shots.. sorry girls.


Nokia are quickly making their way into the 3G market with a range of new handsets suiting all users, from business to the entry level. The Nokia 6280 could probably be classed as a medium-to-high-end handset, although some people might detest the high-end class as the handset doesn’t operate under a Smartphone OS like Symbian.

However, all aside the 6280 is a great mobile phone. I think that the type of user who would most benefit from the 6280 would be a business or heavy day-to-day user who needs high-speed always-on connectivity and superb quality mobile imaging. For a new user to the 3G network the 6280 might be a little much.

i bought mine for around $500 through the vodafone network, anywhere below this price is a great deal. =)





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