Nokia N90 and N93

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Hi everyone, again, I am sure that a lot of you already know this, but there are those who don't - A Nokia N90 may very look a LOT like a Nokia N93, but be aware - they are very different phones. The Nokia N90 is an awesome phone, however, the Nokia N93 is the greatest phone (at present, naturally things are constantly changing with our beloved Nokias) So all I am saying is, get the full tech specs before you go rushing in to buy a N90. Sure, they sometimes sell for around $400 while the N93 is more likely to pull in about $950, plus postage - but just be sure you know what you are getting. If you can afford it, grab the Nokia N93 (don't worry, I am not selling any and just trying to advertise here, lol) - It will be one of the top phones for quite some time (in nokia time, that is). The N90 is already slowing being shadowed by it's existence. Anyways - shop smart.
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