Nokia N95 Fakes on Ebay

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I decided to have a look at some Nokia N95's Prices that are currently for sale on Ebay. but i noticed that some auctions had Nokia's latest and most advanced handset which were not the real deal.

i am very familiar with fake items and i can tell you that some sellers are not explaining the full story to what you are actually bidding on. their are very easy ways to spot a fake N95 by simpily looking at the screen protector of a brand new N95 that has being unboxed for viewing purpose. A genuine Nokia N95 has the inscription in white text the following: "Nokia - N Series". the "N Series" text is in a half size font size less than the "Nokia" text. The fake N95's have the text: "Bluetooth"which is in a large text. No genuine Nokia N95 has "Bluetooth" written on the genuine screen protector.

The Retail box is printed as a genuine box, but their may be a give a way that may indicate that the handset may be fake. Fake boxes have written text: "Made by Nokia". which is a stupid error since we already know who the phone is supposed to be made by. A genuine retail box should have: "Made in Finland" written along the side or some N95's are made in asia and state Made in what ever country they were made in. but even the fakes say that they are Made In Finland, don't be fooled by sellers saying that they are original because they are the  "Asian Version" N95. Nokia never made totally different models for different countries. Nokia made one model for the entire world.

The fake handset has alot of mistakes. the first mistake is the sizing of the "Nokia N95" text on the top of the handset next to the earpiece. The fakes have a larger sizing to the "N95" text and a off grey colour to the genuine text. another flaw is the way the slider feature of the phone works. a genuine N95 slides in both directions. the first direction is revealing the keypad. the other is to reveal the music hotkeys. a fake Nokia N95 only slides to reveal the keypad. it does not slide to reveal the music keys.

A genuine N95 is not touchscreen. the fake N95's have touchscreen feature. the way to tell if it is touchscreen is at the very bottom of the screen of the phone it will always have little squares grey squares that contain icons such as a envelope, globe, and other icons representing hotkeys to access the internet or messages. this is a easy way to spot a fake. also the seller of a fake N95 might claim that the handset has dual sim cards. a genuine only takes one sim card. if you are also wandering about the fantastic 5 Megapixel Carl Zeiss optical camera, well i can guarantee you that the fake N95 has only a cheap 2 megapixel camera (when i say a cheap one. i don't mean a 2 megapixel found in a LG PRADA, i mean a cheap generic 2 megapixel that looks almost like a VGA camera)

The prices that i found on ebay auctions for fakes are very high.  i saw one today for $610 and also $555 for a fake N95. the sellers do not state that they are fake handsets. they state the features of a genuine N95. I find that it is ok to sell these fakes ONLY if the seller states that it is fake or that it is a replica of a N95 and not the genuine item. either some sellers are unawere that they are selling fakes or they are diliberatly selling to scam unawere customers.

N95 8GB

U cant really tell visually with the all new "N95 8GB" model but minor visuals are noticeable.


In this image you can read the screen and the words actually run off the menu. Plus they are in the most commonly used asian text.

It looks like a good fake but i can tell you you are definitley not gonna get GPS,       5 MP camera or maybe even 3G in this case.

The sim card slots sticker has just N95 written for the model number. the original has N95 8GB i believe.

plus the N95 8GB text is wrong on the top left hand corner of the handset.          its too large and in the asian text.




Some auctions that i can lead to you that are fake are listed below. Note: these are currently on the site right now.

Item number: 130171200262 (Not stated as a fake, Sold for $610)

Item number: 320181241962 (This item was stated as a fake)

Item number: 270185656355 (This item was added with specs of the fake)

Item number: 330185689664 (Going at $500 and not stated as a fake)

Not All fake N95's should be banned from being sold. but if the seller is intentionally selling it to rip some customers who do not know the difference, then they should be stopped. i hope this information that has being brought to your attention will make you understand what is really out there.

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