Nokia N95 - The Ins & Outs. The Real Vs Fake N95

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Since the purchase of my latest phone the Nokia N95, i have been very well pleased with the phone.

But Before buying you should check these things:

1. Fake Nokia N95s on ebay, these have a extra row of icons below the screen, they are touch screen, only slide up one way, have a lot less quality camera (VGA-2MP), extra keys on the keypad, different type of menu, the front facing camera wont work.

These pics show the difference's of these copy's (replicas), they are usualy in very similar box's to the real N95s, but they arnt the real ones.
they sell for around the same price as the real ones (unbelievable), most will come with 2 batterys, a chinese charger. So be careful when looking at the pics the sellers show. Many of the copys are much thinner then the real one (copy = 13mm real=21mm)

2. Should my N95 be a Aussie Or Overseas Model?
The Truth, the difference is a sticker on the box and inside the phone, as i always get my Nokia phones from o/s, i never worry about the warranty as Nokia AUS has never had a issue fixing my o/s phones. So don't let the sellers tell you they are better, newer, better quality etc.
On the N95, the only downside i saw that it was from o/s  it didn't have the AUS maps, didn't worry me, only took like 6 hours to download (61mb file) from the N95 Maploader Program (it is Nokia's fault its so slow).

Yes i did think do i really need all those features and why should i upgrade from my E65?
 When i did decide i already has a 7.1MP Dig cam, so i didnt worry about the camera, but after using the camera it rivals my old 5MP dig cam, its just AWESOME!!

The GPS is good too, although i like using the "old skool" map, i do open it and wait for it to connect to the satellite, it takes from 30secs to 5 minutes (depending on weather and conditions above the phone), the gps receiver is over the "0" key so make sure you hold the phone in the middle or put it down when wanting to get a fast connection.
While in the car the gps slides along quite well, but it is a massive battery killer, about 1-2 hours of gps will make the battery go fully flat.

4. A new tips about the phone, the screen is crystal clear, the call quality is great. ONLY 2 downsides i saw where that the slide needs to be pushed all the way so it clicks into place (my previous e65 was spring assisted so that i would slide it a small distance and it would go up all the way automatically)
the second is the keys on the side of the phone, when i usually text, i rest my palm on the side of the phone, as the n95 has a key there which direct to the gallery, i had to move my hand fully to text.

Anyways i hope this has helped you decide on your purchase of the New Nokia N95
Dont forget to click "yes" if this has helped you, i know it has. hehe [=

- seXyeurobOi

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