Nokia N95 vs. Telstra Glide T870

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Nokia N95 vs. Telstra Glide T870

Both the Nokia N95 and theTelstra Glide T870 are designe d with the idea that when it comes to mobile phones, functionality is an often overlooked concept.

Despite the fact that the Nokia N95 was released in 2007 and the Telstra Glide T870 was released in 2010, they are both similar in their capabilities. This guide aims to help those trying to make a decision between the two.

Nokia N95 vs. Telstra Glide T870 Specifications

Perhaps the best way of making the decision between the two phones is to compare the specifications of both devices to see which one comes out on top. However, whilst this shows which device may perform better, there is no accounting for a personal choice when it comes to the likes of aesthetic design and colours.

Below is the specifications table:


Nokia N95

Telstra Glide T870


The Nokia N95 is a ‘slide' phone, meaning that the keyboard and microphone slide out from the phone when needed.

The Glide T870 is also a ‘slide', with the keyboard and phone call microphone hidden when the device is its normal state.


The N95 is on the smaller end of the mobile phone scale when closed. It is 99mm in height, 53mm in width, and 21mm in depth.

The device weighs in at 120 grams.

The Glide T870 is of a very similar size to that of the N95 and is 101mm in height, 50mm wide, and 15.8mm in depth.

With the battery inside, the device weighs around 100 grams.


The screen of the N95 comes to 2.6 inches diagonally. It has a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, allowing for 16 million colours.

The main screen of the Telstra Glide T870 is 2.4 inches corner to corner, with a resolution of 172 x 220 pixels. This allows for 262,000 colours.


The internal memory of the N95 is 160 MB, with a 64 MB RAM.

However, this can be expanded through the use of a microSD card, which allows for up to 8GB of additional storage.

The Glide T870 is sold with 130 MB of internal memory.

Much like the N95, this can be expanded with a microSD card up to 8GB.


The N95 has two cameras. The main camera is 5 Megapixels, allowing for still images of 2592 x 1944 pixels. This camera uses specially designed ‘Carl Zeiss' optics, with autofocus and a LED flash also included. The camera can also record VGA video at up to 30 frames per second.

The secondary camera is front facing and can be used for video calls.

There is one rear-facing camera on the Glide T870 and it is a 3.2 Megapixel lens.

The camera also features a digital zoom.


The N95 is Wi-Fi enabled.

Wi-Fi is not available on Telstra Glide T870 phones.


This device is available in five different colours; Red, Silver, Pink, Black , Plum.

There are two different colours available for the Glide T870; Black and Purple.


The N95 has Bluetooth connectivity, an infrared port, a miniUSB drive.

There is also a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Glide T870 has a headphone jack, and a USB data cable.


The Nokia N95 has a QWERTY keyboard. This is found when the bottom half of the phone is slid down.

The Glide T870 also has a QWERTY keyboard on its slide function.

Nokia N95 vs. Telstra Glide T870 Accessories

Another way of deciding which phone to choose between the two is by seeing what accessories are available to make the user experience a better one.

Nokia N95 Accessories

  • Cases: There are a number of cases available for the N95. However, due to the sliding nature of the phone, these only tend to be waterproof cases or carrying cases, which aren't particularly accessible.
  • Cleaning Kits : There are number of cleaning kits available for the N95. These kits include screen protectors to prevent scratches, as well as sealing liquid.
  • Car Holders: These car holders allow for the phone to be used hands free whilst driving. They can be useful for those who own an N95 but regularly travel.

Telstra Glide T870 Accessories

· USB Bluetooth Dongle: A USB dongle is an easy and wireless solution for data transfer between the phone and a PC. This is useful for those who wish to store images taken on the phone elsewhere.

· Car Charger: For those who are always travelling in the car and need their mobile battery to be constantly charged, a car charger is ideal.

How to Buy a Nokia N95 or Telstra Glide T870 on eBay

To find a Nokia N95 or a Telstra Glide T870 on eBay, take the following steps (if nothing can be found on the eBay Deals site):

- Go to the Electronics category on the main page

- Select the Mobile Phones and Accessories link

- Click the Mobile Phones option

- Type either ‘Nokia N95' or ‘Telstra Glide T870' into the keyword search bar

- Take advantage of the refinement tabs to find a device that suits budget and personal taste

Before going through with a purchase, be sure to take precautions to ensure that the transaction is a secure and honest one. Check the images provided by the seller to see if the condition of the phone matches with the product description. Also, check out the seller's history when it comes to selling on eBay.

Read eBay's tips on how to place a Bid or use theBuy It Now option, as well as reading up on how to use PayPal as a payment method.


In conclusion, whilst the Telstra Glide T870 is simple and functional, it does not quite match up to the Nokia N95 in terms of its features and usability.

The N95 is Wi-Fi enabled and has a much more advanced camera. On the other hand, the Telstra Glide T870 is considerably more affordable but may not be quite as long lasting as its counterpart.

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