Non paying Bidders

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I have listed many items for sale on E-Bay over the years and always had a great response from the general E-Bay community.

Sadly this all changed a few months ago when a member purchased an item and then failed to pay.

Luckily I chose not to send the item despite him calling me and giving me false payment details.  He said he was going to the US and needed the item urgently.

Things to look our for are as follows.

  1. Any money order number will be 10 didgets and you can call the Australia Post Money Order hotline for confirmation the order exists
  2. With new internet banking web sites it is very easy to "dodge" a receipt
  3. ALWAYS receive clear payment before sending the item

Another lesson learnt is that when you lodge the non paying member dispute, although at the time the member can not leave you a negative rating, later when the dispute has finished the member is then able to leave you negative despite being in the wrong, just as 2ferengi did to my account.

Generally if you want to keep your good rating, negatives are not worth the effort, just move on and get the item sold again.

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