Not sure if thats right product for you!

Like if this Guide is helpful

We see plenty of new products and gadgets everyday.

I am going to write this in respect to electronics products/gadgets. Technology is improving everyday. We see many gadgets online that could help us. But everytime you see product - you get many questions like
  1. Is it right for me?
  2. Is it scam?
  3. Is it trusted seller?
  4. Will it connect to my mobile ?
  5. Is it compatible with my phone/laptop/tv?
These are right questions dont search on Google or search engine. IT might be simple to ask seller to clarify your questions.
he may also suggested you to right product but also you get to know seller and his response time. 

Compatibility is biggest issue with electronics products. There are many manufacturers and gadgets makers also there are many version of Bluetooth, iPhone, iOs, Android and many more technologies. You should always clarify with seller if the device is suitable for your application and also ask where you want to connect and if that is compatible??

Big company and big seller can give you best price but they mostly fail in answering your questions or providing technical support. 

We are always attracted to cheap product but same time we love to chat to real person and get help/review from them. So if you know the product then select based on price, availability and shipping cost.  But if you dont know the product then buy from seller who answers your questions. Buying online is not only getting cheap but also to get buying satisfaction. Sometime costly purchase could make your feel happy with experience of buying process. 

Buy local so you can save on shipping !

Happy buying !!! 
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