Note to Our USA & Canadian Customers Regarding Shipping

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USA and Canadian Customers Please Note Our Delivery Terms:

We do realise that customers from the USA and Canada are used to the excellent service that popular private couriers provide in your countries but would also hasten to point out that this level of service at this low cost is not made available outside your countries by these same companies

We usually ship by Registered Australia Post due to it’s reliability, low cost and more importantly the fact that they fully insure jewellery which the large majority of private courier companies refuse to do

Our own experience has also shown that the implementation of the Homeland Security Laws requiring packages searches on entry to your countries has added a whole new dimension to shipping times. Pure shipping by Registered mail typically takes 5-15 Business days (5 days is typical mid year - 15 days more typical in the approaching six weeks towards Christmas)

USA Customs can add another 10 business days to shipping times in some circumstances if the package is selected for random search

Canada Customs may add up to another 30 days to the process due to their slow internal processes if the package is selected for random search



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