Notebook (laptop) purchasing, things to look out for.

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After a notebook computer or laptop? ebay can be a great way to purchase a notebook computer. Firstly whats the difference between a laptop and a notebook--nothing. Laptop is the old word for a notebook computer, the current accepted industry word is the notebook. This is only a breif guide and it always good to apply common sense, also look at some reviews and so forth online before buying a particular type of notebook.

New? Used? Refurbished?

Its not all that easy.... The first thing you should look for is if the notebook computer is new, used or refurbished. A new notebook is self explanatory a used one can be an ex-lease machine, ex-business/education or a private users notebook. Refurbished notebooks are only truelly refurbished if they have been inspected and "cleaned up" by the vendor or authorised vendor repairer. These are the best quality used machines.


When purchasing a notebook computer look for warranty first. The most important thing especially when buying new is too make sure that product is actually serviceable in Aastralia by the manufacturer. Grey imports are generally not covered by Australian warranty, so you will need an Australian Tax invoice. The business you buy from should also be registered for GST so check that as well. A new notebook warranty will only be valid if you have a tax invoice and the notebook was delivered as an Australian delivery to an authorised reseller.

The Condition of your notebook.

Used notebooks can be purchased through anybody, read the auction carefully, most times the battery will be dead, this is the nature of a used notebook as batteries are consumable, most batteries are around $200. A good thing is also too make sure the product is accurately described, it is normal for a notebook too be scratched and so forth as they are carried around and as the name says they have been used. Dont expect something brand new. Other than the battery a notebook computer should last between 3-8 years depending on the type of notebook, business machines are always a lott better machines to buy when used. The main focus when designed was reliabilty. Business machines may not be flashy in design, but a good used business notebook will outlast an entry level "designed for home user" notebook, always. Check to see what comes with the notebook, most of the time only what is listed will, so dont assume anything, read the description and ask.

How much should I pay?

Something is only worth what somebody is prepared to pay, but generally a used or refurbished notebook will be cheaper than a new machine, some refurbished notebook which were once $5000 when new may still be a lot more expensive than a cheap entry level notebook. The analogy I like is that a used luxury car such as a Mercedes is almost always more expensive than a brand new Hyundai, are they both cars?, yes. Do they drive, yes. Will they go from A-B?, yes. But you get the idea.

What type of notebook should I get?

This is a tough one, there are lots of actual types and depending on what you want to do, a specific type will suit you more. Its like buying a 4 wheel drive, station wagon, coupe, sedan, hatch and so forth, you would not choose a car by just looking at it on paper and saying " this one has more horse power, and 5 seats, so its better than the other one" I hope you get the idea.

The type of notebook by which we and the industry categorise them are as follows.

Mainstream--Desktop Replacement--Thin & Light-- Ultraportable


Each type is different, and it would be very hard for me to explain which will suit you the best, a good idea is too read, read and read more, plenty of information is available on the internet about this kind of stuff. Dont just buy a notebook becuase it has good specs there is more too it like, size, weight, reliabilty, parts availability, ease of upgrade, screen type, battery life, portability, ergonomics the list goes on and on.

Who should I buy from?

Before spending your hard earnt money, just apply common sense, look for reputation, delivery costs, Australian warranty, Tax invoice (if the seller is a business), accepted payment methods and ask questions, do not assume. If its too good to be true, it is.

More questions?

You should always ask a reputable seller who has knowledge about the particular product, you can always obtain more and more information through the internet.

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