Number One Tip For Identifying Scammers!

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No matter how many tips you get for identifying fraudulent emails, purporting to be from eBay, the scammers find ways to look legitimate.  I have received several lately which have looked genuine but eBay has confirmed that they were fake. 

They seem to have paid attention to the usual advice bandied around and have taken steps to counteract it,  eg.Fake emails usually have a sense of urgency, "confirm your details immediately" so then the scammers avoid doing that, or scam emails often contain spelling errors so they've been more careful, etc.

EBay's excellent advice is that any communication affecting your account, eg. notification of suspicious activity, which is genuinely from them will always appear in your My Messages on your My EBay page, as well as in your email.

If an email message regarding your account appears, purporting to be from eBay, check My Messages (obviously this doesn't apply to the general bid, outbid, item won/not won messages), if it isn't there you can be pretty sure it's fake.  If it's genuine it will be there, probably as an alert.
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