Nursery Furniture - Changing Tables

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Changing Tables

Making the right choice in choosing a good quality baby's changing table is easy. There are some features that will improve the task.

Guardrails- These are a way to prevent your baby from rolling over the edge of the change table. They are perfect for those little ones that can't resist the urge to roll and play games whilst being changed :)

Safety Straps - Safety straps are similar to a seat belt, and they are most common with change tables. Make sure to make use of these at all times to maximize your baby's safety.

Change Pads - An essential feature is a waterproof changing pad! It is essential for an easy clean-up of any mess that may occur during the change taking place. Some waterproof change pads are machine washable, with some just needing to be wiped down with an antibacterial cleaner after use.

There are also curved changing mats available to prevent your baby rolling off the changing table. The curved changing pads have curved sides.

Storage - There are changing tables on the market available today that have in built storage systems. Shelving or drawers can keep nappies, wipes, lotions, and powders close by, so that you can stay with the baby and not have to leave the baby unattended. Keep one hand on the baby and just reach into the drawer, shelve, or cupboard. It's as easy as that.

We bought a changing table with built in drawers and cupboards for our son a few years back, and we are now using it for our daughter. It looks fantastic, and gives a tidy look to the nursery.

With all nursery furniture, the most important thing is making sure to choose a changing table that is safe for your baby. Changing tables come in different materials, styles, shapes, sizes and colours. So this doesn't mean that you will have to sacrifice style.

And since a sturdy and solid changing table is the best, make sure to buy one that is built to last, and can be reused or used as decor when your childs changing days are over!


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