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By Sophie Bouchara

Naturopath, Herbalist and Apitherapist.

Being a Naturopath for so long and seeing so many sick people, I would like to share my view on what I consider to be one of the most important factors in our lives: Nutrition

We are becoming sick from living in a poisonous environment, we hear about Global warming happening but not much about what is really occurring to our human race on a global scale. Our food has never been so further apart from what we have eaten since the dawn of time, we have entered the era of globalization where the drug companies have taken control over the food industry and we end up eating total C.R.A.P. food!!!

C - Commercial   R - Refined   A - Artificial   P - Products

When you believe that YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT, you can imagine the result!!! We are becoming a giant sick society. We have never seen so many diseases of all kinds arising. Sterility is affecting us on a large scale, in both male and female. Breast cancers remain a major killer for women under 75, prostate cancer rate is between 30 to 50% in male over 50, 60% of adults are overweight and more than 15% of adults are under antidepressant drugs, Auto-immune disease, Neuro degenerative diseases……. And I can keep going like this for a long time, the list is exhaustive!
My aim is to make you understand how important it is to change as an individual human being, becoming conscious of what we can all do to improve our diets, with the knowledge that  -


We know from scientific research all over the world that we can avoid and even reverse the effect of auto immune disease by changing our diet.  In France Dr Seignalet has written a book called: “Nutrition or the third medicine” He is relating the cases history of his patients to their diets, changing the course of their disease by using proper nutrition. We need to take responsibility for our own lives, we need to eat proper, clean food without chemicals, fresh water without hormones, and we can all do it. In Australia Dr Graeme Williams has written a book called: “Unlock your hormones”, this book explores similar themes, I highly recommend it.


We need to return to a diet and lifestyle closer to the original Homo-sapiens. Our diet should adjust within these directives:
1. Suppress all cereals except: Rice and Buckwheat
2. Suppress all milk products from any animals and their byproducts (cheese, yogurt, sauce with milk, butter, buttermilk…)
3. Eat a maximum of RAW food or at least low temperature cooked less than 110 degrees Celsius
4. Eat as much as you can of ORGANIC products or better still grow your own food.
5. Only use extra virgin oil first cold pressed.
6. Take magnesium salts, trace elements, vitamins supplements and lacto-bacteria (fresh pollen)
7. Take Omega 3 (good quality cold fish oil) to balance the deficiency.

The benefits from the diet are not a Placebo effect. 80% of the beneficial changes come from people who actually desire to get themselves better, and make a long term commitment to follow the diet.  I have consulted with many patients, offered my professional advice regarding treatment for their problems, only to find that most do not follow through with the particular treatment recommended. They seem to expect an instant cure.  People who fail to achieve results do not follow the diet properly. You do not need to change your medication, you can start and progressively with your medical practitioner check on what improvements that you obtain, relevant to your case.

What makes this diet so beneficial?

1. This diet modifies the Intestinal flora by eradicate dangerous bacteria (enteroccoccus, proteus)
2. This diet actually controls positively your intestinal function. With the appropriate foods and nutrients, the mucus and enzymes are more efficient, therefore better digestion of your proteins occurs.
3. Restores the permeability of the intestine wall, no more linking protein molecule in your system (leaky gut syndrome).
4. Re-establishment of the oral tolerance: When your guts are damaged, the bacterial antigen goes in between the enterocytes to reach your blood stream and provoke an immune response, if your guts are normal and healthy, the antigen is trapped by Mediated cells and a tolerance response follows.

Advocate with us that Australia becomes the first and only nation to be totally ORGANIC, it will benefit our image and be a unique source of trading.

This is only a guideline on Nutrition; it will not in any case replace your own medical practitioner’s advice.



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