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Ovunow LH test strips will detect the rising LH levels, the LH surge and the declining LH levels in the urine.

When the test first shows a faint positive it is recommended that a woman should test at least 2 - 3 times a day during the specified time frame and in accordance with the testing hints and procedures i.e. refrain from drinking 2 hours prior to testing and test between 2pm - 10pm. As this is the frame when LH is produced and released by the adrenal cortex in the brain and will show in a reasonable quantity to be detected in the urine.

If a woman ovulates successfully this should show on the LH test strips as a faint positive getting darker and darker until the result line is almost as dark, as dark as or darker than the control line.

Remembering that many factors will effect the result line intensity such as the testing times, testing procedures and successful ovulation of a mature ovarian follicle and not an empty sac. If successful ovulation occurs and shows on the result line as indicated above then the woman will then be in her fertile period from 6 - 36 hours after this positive result.

The result line will then depending on the individual and the quality of the urine sample slowly dissipate and become a faint positive again on the result line until it disappears completely to show a negative. This is then the indication that the LH test strips can no longer detect LH urine levels of 20mIU/ml which are the lowest quantity our test strips are designed to detect.


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