Old Country Roses Tableware: Know what you are buying

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Know what you are buying!

There's lots to know before spending your hard earned cash buying ROYAL ALBERT Old Country Roses Tableware.  As it is the most popular china of all time with a reputed 10 million items sold, there is quite a lot offered on eBay at any one time.  It is my experience that many sellers are unable to accurately date the items that they have for sale and many buyers are co nfused by the profusion of the date 1962 in sellers listings.

This guide is designed to help both sellers & buyers with accurate dating of their ROYAL ALBERT Old Country Roses First Quality made in England Tableware items.

Oldest (ORIGINAL) Backstamp: 1962-1973
This is the Original Old Country Roses Backstamp, it was in use for tableware manufactured in England between 1962 to 1973. It carries no date.

1973-19 93 Old Country Ro ses Backstamps
There are TWO backstamps for Old Country Roses Tableware manufactured in England between 1973 & 1993. Confusingly for seller & buyers these both have the date c1962 printed as part of the backstamp. The "c" is a copyright mark.  So "c1962" means only that the Old Country Roses pattern was registered in 1962. It has nothing at all to do with the date of manufacture of the item.
The first 1973-1993 backstamp is sometimes known as the "ROYAL" as the first word after the copyright "c" is Royal.
The second 1973-1993 backstamp is often called the "C1962" as the first thing after the copyright "c" is the date 1962.

1993-2002 Old Country Roses Backstamps
Now just when you think you had it sorted, to add to the confusion even more, the Old Country Roses backstamp s for tableware manufactured in England 1993-2002 also have "c1962" on them.   The first backstamp for 1993-2002 is often known as the Royal Albert "R 1962" as after the name Royal Albert there is anl R in a circle.  The second backstamp for 1993-2002 is the Royal Albert "R Made in England" mark.

While all this seems very confusing if you remember 4 simple rules you will get your dating for Old Country Roses First Quality Tableware perfectly accurate.

Rule 1: All Old Country Roses Tableware Items made in England have the word ENGLAND printed on them, if the word England does not appear they were not made in England.  All First Quality Royal Albert items have backstamps that are not scratched or defaced in any way.

Rule 2: Old Country Roses Tableware ite
ms that have the word England but no date are Original 1962-1973.

Rule 3: Old Country Roses Tableware items that have the word England, C1962 and no "R" after the words Royal Albert were made between 1973-1993.

Rule 4: Old Country Roses tabl
eware items that have the word England, C1962 and an "R" after the words Royal Albert were made between 1993-2002.

Happy Old Country Roses Collecting!

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