Old fashioned vintage tube stuff.

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since the beginning people have searched for A way to improve how things are done. I can see that over the previous 200 years achievements that go beyond anything possible before have been possible since the discovery of electricity and the development of devices which enabled mass communications and mass processing of difficult tasks. technologies after the discovery of the vacuum tube improved faster and faster with the passing of each year and I began as A curious assistant to the original Wireless Doctor. My father started as A television technician and i was curious about that. My most serious discoveries were since I learned about the internet. Vacuum tubes are still today useful and highly valued because though they have aged they can still be put to use if the repairer is wise enough to do things that need to be done for this to be possible. I still use an old PMG telephone and Australias new technology has not stopped the system being compatible with the original technology these can be found at PMG. I though I find these items fascinating to use I have heard complaints from others listening on the other side but I cannot resist the indulgence. After more then fifteen years of the restoration of vintage radios I have chosen what I think is the pinnacle of all I have learned so far and that is about hifi Receivers and amplifiers with vacuum tubes operating them instead of transistors. The most reverred recevers ever made for hifi were designed and made in The USA by HH Scott and co and there are other generic varieties like Pioneer, fisher, sansui etc. I canrepair them and they always perform very well and are sweeter and more addictive to listen to but when the commercial or national broadcaster becomes less appealing I usually put A record on, onl of the 33 rpm variety and it can be fun. There are good record players and very ordinary ones the good ones sound good always and the ordinary ones usually are made completely out of plastic and are fitted on the top section of A new combination HIFI system. If A person became obsessed with sound characteristic they could purchase A moving coil pick up head for their record player, but they would also require to purchase A transformer for the signal to be strong enough for A normal phono stage. This however is the sign of an extreme obsession and it can become expensive because of its specialized nature and this possibility also yields unique results. I have done many experiments and found A way I prefer to build Amplifiers with vacuum tubes and after I discovered this I found websites in the USA and Japan where my Ideas had also been discovered and put into practise, these amplifiers sometimes arrive on Ebay for various reasons people sell them here. I have discovered Unique ways to Pre-amplifiers but have not seen any similar ones yet. I still think the way the equipment is designed can contribute significantly to the sound that finally emerges from the loudspeakers. Loudspeakers have created numerous experts and though A lot of power handling can almost guarantee A lifetime without failure. I still will always choose high  efficiency and low power ( up to 60 watts which is usuall sufficient for A moderately large property outside where the bass aspect can travel for up to 10 miles. The sound usually emerges more full and solid from old fashioned metal magnet speakers commonly called al-nico meaning combination magnet made from aluminium, nickel and cobalt. I dont understand exactly why these types of speakers are more appealing to my ears but I prefer them especially european speakers from before 1970. Sometimes when I am wondering which type of easily available valve to use for an application in an amplifier that I need to design in A certain way i look for them throughout where they can be found on Ebay, They are throughout the communities here and abroad. Some shops have transformers, capacitors, wire, sockets etc. these are all vital in the processes of creation. I do sometimes become bored and wonder how all of this became A  laptop computer and through my searches I find  pieces and whole items that fascinate me. I look for vintage calculators and computer apparatus, also to see if anything from what was glorified before has been forgotten now and because human nature is very innovative I would doubt that anything has been forgotten now.
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