Olympia Cash Register Information and Buying Guide

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At Dcse-Online we get asked several questions about the range of Olympia Cash Registers we have available. We hope this guide helps!

Which machines can print a business name, ABN or other alpha characters?

Generally the cash registers that have thermal printers can print alpha-numeric characters.
So this means the Olympia CM-746, CM-811, CM-812.can all print a greeting, business name, business address phone number and your ABN on the header and footer of the receipt.
The Olympia CM-1828 can also print alpha-numeric characters. This machine has an impact printer using plain paper and an ink cartridge ribbon. This machine is designed for use in hot tropical climates where the use and storage of thermal paper can be a problem.
The CM-1828 is also the only dual paper roll machine we have in the Olympia range. Contact us if you want to know more about this
Just to clarify CM-70, CM-701, CM-712 CANNOT print alpha characters

What is a PLU?

Its a Price Look Up. These are programmable keys which can have pre-set price (and product name if applicable) information entered. This reduces transaction time, increases work flow and can be used for item which are most often purchased. Our workshop can pre program you cash register before it leaves our warehouse with information you provide to us.

Can I program the cash register myself?

Yes, in most cases you can. In fact most do! In the last four years we have sold more than 3000 cash registers here on eBay and through our own dcse-online website. In that time we have asked our workshop to program less than 100 machines for our clients orders. Olympia cash registers come with a Quick Set Up sheet and a proper comprehensive Owners Manual. Not some poorly translated, cheaply printed, too hard to understand garbage (like the Javelin CS series use manuals) On the bottom of the Quick Set Up sheet we provide a link to a downloadable Easy User Guide, stored on our website, so you can access information about the operation of your new Olympia cash register no matter where you are.Contact us if you want to know more about this

Can you program the machine before you send it out to me?

Yes, we can. All you have to do is send us the information you would like programmed.Contact us if you want to know more about this

I  lost my manual, can I get another one?

Yes, we store Olympia cash register manuals, quick set up sheets and easy user guide on our website.

What is the difference between thermal printing and impact printing?

Thermal printing cash registers have a printer head which gets warm to make the character impression on the paper.
The thermal paper is like the paper used in a fax machine. Its contains heat activated toner which turns black when warmed.

Impact printing cash registers use the transfer of ink from an ink roller or ribbon cartridge to make the character impression on the paper.
They use plain or "bond" paper, called so as it is designed to allow ink to bond to it well.

NOTE. You can use thermal paper in place of plain in most cash registers, as long as it is the right size.The finish on thermal paper has a slight sheen on one side and the ink may not stick as well. In this case it is possible in many cash registers to turn the roll upside down and print on the wrong side of the paper.

Which machines have large cash drawers?

The Olympia CM-712 and CM-812 have large steel cash drawers, with 4 note and 8 coin compartments as standard. These cash drawers are detachable for under counter mounting. This standard cash drawer can be upgraded to 5 note 8 coin insert to suit Australian currency. Contact us if you want to know more about this
The CM-1828 has a super heavy duty large steel cash drawer with 4 note and 8 coin compartments.
The Olympia CM-70 and CM701 have detachable compact sized cash drawers. They are sturdily constructed form plastic metal hybrid. CM-70 and CM701 have 3 note, 8 coin cash drawer.
Paymaster PM-721 Plus ( formerly known as an Olympia CM-721) has a compact 3 note, 5 coin cash drawer.
Olympia CM-746 has a Mid Sized 4 note, 5 coin cash drawer.

Do the Olympia cash registers have a full warranty.

Yes, they do. A 12 month workshop backed warranty. By Australian law we are required to provide every new electrical item of the kind with a 12 month warranty. We even offer extended warranties on these cash registers up to five years. and not just an empty cash grab warranty. Our extended warranty can offer you peace of mind and protection from the repair bills you may encounter once the manufacturer's warranty has expired.

What are the advantages of an extended warranty?

    * No out of pocket repair expenses.
    * All parts and labour covered - no hidden costs.
    * Technical and instructional assistance available.
    * All original manufacturer and genuine parts used.
    * No extra charges for covered repairs. All parts and labor included.
    * No fuss free call 1800 289 599 to call when a repair or service is needed.
    * Quality service work completed by fully qualified and experienced Olympia/Paymaster technician
    * Discount available for multiple warranties purchased.
Contact us if you want to know more about this

Do you offer support after we buy an Olympia cash register.

Yes, we do. Contact us on Freecall 1800 289 599, and we will put you in touch with a tech guy in our workshop to help you sort through the issue you are dealing with.

Why wont the roll fit on the holder?

The holder is not for putting a new roll on, but rather to collect the spool of paper for the journal, if you have the cash register operating in journal mode.
Olympia cash registers are a "drop in roll" cash register.

Why can't I turn the key to program?

Olympia cash registers are supplied with 3 different mode keys. They are marked at the top of the key, one for programming, one for the store manager to get reports and one for the cash register operator. (or clerk)

What reporting information can I get from my machine for end of day sales analysis?

This is a sample of the information you can get from an Olympia CM-70/701/712 when you do a Z1 - day's financial report

Z1 counter (3-digit)
Number of registrations in department 1
Sales for department 1
Number of registrations in department 2
Sales for department 2
Sales of all departments
Total tax 1
Net total without tax 1
Total tax 2
Net total without tax 2
Total tax
Total percentage discount
Total sales (receipts minus deductions)
Net total (receipts minus tax)
Minus and refunds
Number of cash payments
Total cash payments
Number of card payments
Total of card payments
Number of received on account transactions
All of the other machines will give you this and more information as well as printable electronic journal information if applicable.

What is the difference between reports and a journal?

Reports will give you a collective of the events that happened as a total of each kind of event.
A journal will give you information as each event happened in the chronological order it happened

Do Olympia make a PC programmable cash register?

Yes they do, two in fact. CM-746 and CM-1828. And the CM- 746 has software which will write reports back to your PC in Microsoft Excel format for easy processing and database collection. CM- 746 can provide the following reports. Hourly X / Z, Full X / Z, Monthly Z, Full PLU X / Z, Single PLU X, Department X, Clerk X, Single clerk X, Training report X / Z

What  is the difference between X and Z reports?

X-reports: Without memory deletion. Z-reports: With memory deletion.

Do Olympia and Paymaster cash registers have a discount button?

Yes, all the models we sell do have a discount button. They can do discount as a percentage, which is good for a sale or a provide a discount to a particular range of clients, or you can manually enter the amount discounted, use this feature with gift vouchers or similar cash discount offers.

Is there an Olympia Scanner connectable cash register?

Yes, there is. The Olympia CM-746 is a scanner connectable cash register. It has 900 PLU's with EAN code as standard and can be upgraded to take a maximum of 9999 codes. We can also provide you with and set up a barcode scanner to suit

Best value compact cash register?

Paymaster PM-721 Plus ( formerly known as an Olympia CM-721)
Has the best reporting features of all the smaller machines, with journal mode and on screen flash reporting too!
Contact us if you want to know more about this

Best value large cash register?

Olympia CM-812. Does it all! ABN print on your receipt. 16 departments with no shift key! Fully detailed department and product text info on the receipt. 3000 line electronic journal. Standard cash drawer can be upgraded to 5 note 8 coin insert to suit Australian currency. Far more reliable than any comparable Javelin, Sharp, Casio cash register or other similar cash register we have sold over the years.

Are they reliable?

You bet! In fact they are o much more reliable we offer Olympia cash registers as the ONLY cash register in Australia to give up to five years extended warranty.

Why do I need a keyboard cover?

Firstly, is a lot cheaper than replacing you machine. You know what they say, prevention is better than a cure.
Secondly, it will help keep your machine in tip top condition. Stopping grit and dirt falling down the gaps in the keyboard will keep it functioning well for longer.
Thirdly, presentation is everything. Imagine buying food from someone who can't even keep their equipment clean.
Our silicone based, flexible and washable keyboard cover are ideal for engineering workshops, hairdressers or anywhere food and beverages are served and prepared. For around $30.00 you really shouldn't be without one.

How do I reset my CM-70/701/712 cash register?

Your cash register may receive an electrical surge or spike. This can occur in older buildings, industrialised areas or where there are many devices operating on one circuit. It is important to remember the a cash register is a sensitive electronic device and you should install a surge or spike arrestor or similar device to protect your investment.
If your cash register looses it data or doesn't respond as it should it may have gotten an electrical surge.
If the is the case to resolve it please proceed as follows to reset the cash register to its initial state and clear all the programmed values:
1. Disconnect the cash register power plug.
2. Open the battery compartment and remove the 3 AA batteries.
3. Leave the cash register without any power supply for 10 minutes; all the data is deleted as a result.
4. Replace the batteries and reconnect the power plug.
Contact us if you want to know more about this

Need more help than what you see here?

Please try our Freecall number, 1800 289 599, and we will put you in touch with a tech guy in our workshop to help you sort through the issue you are dealing with.


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