Oneal Motorbike Gloves Buying Guide

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Oneal Motorbike Gloves Buying Guide

Before getting on a motorbike, it is important that the motorcyclist have the proper protection for his head, body, feet, and hands. If the motorcyclist's hands become tired or suffer injury, then the motorcyclist may find it difficult to grip the handlebars and manipulate the controls on the motorcycle. A good pair of riding gloves protects the rider's hands. O'Neal is one of the top manufacturers of full-finger motorbike gloves. These gloves provide ample protection for the fingers, palms, and wrists. When shopping for motorbike gloves, the shopper needs to consider comfort and fit and know what to look for in the different types of O'Neal motorbike gloves.

What to Look for in O'Neal Motorbike Gloves

A motorbike rider uses his hands to steer, accelerate, and brake. It is important that a rider wear adequate hand protection when on the motorbike. Different riding styles and different sized hands require different gloves to ensure comfort and protection. For this reason, the look of the gloves should not be a primary consideration when the shopper is browsing the O'Neal motorbike gloves available. Instead, when choosing a pair of gloves, the shopper should consider fit, padding, flexibility, and abrasion resistance.

Size of the Gloves

O'Neal motorbike gloves come in men's, women's, and youth sizes. Motorbike gloves should be snug, but not restrict blood flow or hand and finger movements. When fitting the gloves, there should be no extra room at the tips of the fingers, and there should be no loose fabric evident. If the fit is not a snug one, there is the risk that the rider may suffer blisters and abrasions. Gloves should fit securely around the wrists so that they do not come off in the event of a fall or collision. O'Neal provides several options for wrist closures to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

Glove Padding

For motorbike gloves, padding should be thicker on the top side of the hands rather than on the palms of the gloves. The purpose of the padding is to cushion the hands in the event of an accident. Additionally, the padding makes it easier for the rider to grip the bike's controls. The padding promotes blood flow, preventing the fingers and hands from going numb during long rides. O'Neal gloves offer various levels of padding, but none are so thick so as to restrict the movement of the rider's fingers.

Hand Movement and Material Flexibility

Stiff gloves make it difficult for the rider to move his fingers and adjust the throttle or the brake of the motorbike. Additionally, a stiff pair of gloves promotes hand fatigue, and this affects the rider's ability to control the bike. While leather gloves are durable, it takes several wearings for a rider to break in a pair of leather gloves. O'Neal uses synthetic materials, including synthetic leather, for maximum comfort and flexibility. Additionally, O'Neal uses ergonomic stitching. This type of stitching ensures that the gloves fit and move like a second skin.

Protection Against Blisters and Abrasions

Gloved hands constantly rubbing and gripping can increase the likelihood of developing blisters and abrasions. With synthetic leather palms, seamless rollover fingertips, and double-layer thumb reinforcement, O'Neal gloves resist abrasion in all contact areas. In addition to looking for gloves that provide resistance to abrasions, the shopper should also be sure that the gloves fit properly.

Types of O'Neal Motorbike Gloves

O'Neal manufactures different lines of motorbike gloves. Each line has different characteristics. The Element glove comes with ergonomically-designed padding and stitching, thermoplastic rubber (TPR) patches on the fingertips, and a hook and loop closure on the wrists. The Butch glove has double-layer Clarino padding on the palms, TPR patch protection on the fingertips, seamless rollover fingertips for enhanced comfort, polycarbonate ballistic coverage on the knuckles, and hook and loop closures on the wrists. The Ryder glove has a synthetic leather palm with double layer reinforcement on the thumb, seamless rollover fingertips with tacky silicone fingers, direct inject rubber patches for added protection, and a slip-on neoprene wrist cuff. O'Neal's Jump glove comes with synthetic leather palm with double layer reinforcement on the thumb, seamless rollover fingertips for comfortable wear, and adjustable hook and loop closures on the wrists.

A shopper should choose the O'Neal motorbike gloves that provide the type of protection he needs for his hands. The Butch line offers the most protection with extra padding on the palms and knuckles; however, this line is only available in one colour. All other lines offer varying amounts of protection and are available in multiple colours and patterns.

How to Buy Motorbike Gloves on eBay

You can find great deals on O'Neal motorbike gloves on eBay. Perform a basic or advanced keyword search by typing the name of the gloves you want into the search bar found on any eBay web page. For a focused set of search results, be specific. For example, a search for ' black O'Neal Jump gloves' yields more relevant results than 'black motorbike gloves '. Narrow down the listings further by selecting different characteristics specific to the gloves you want. Be sure to read the item description and view the attached photographs to get a better idea of what the seller is selling. If you have any questions, simply click on the contact link in the seller's profile. No matter the rider's needs, he is sure to find a large selection of O'Neal motorbike gloves on eBay.

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