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Many people have items that they never really use, do not really need, gather dust, cause clutter and take up valuable space. By selling unneeded items, you could make it easier to keep clean and tidy. With less space required, you could potentially own or rent a smaller space and save money, or sub-let freed up space and make money. This ad poster, James, has posted ads selling items that he doesn't need. He has helped his mum to sell furniture. He is helping to sell friends' belongings. For the products he has sold so far, over $200 in payments have been received. Here is my eBay seller profile.


Or perhaps you are a running a business and have items that you want to sell? Perhaps you want to increase your customer base by selling online?


Perhaps you even have items that are no longer fit for their original function, but can potentially still have value if they are repaired or are taken apart, and so can be sold?


Or maybe you have brand new items but see the benefits of outsourcing sales?


Perhaps you too have things that take up space and that you never use nor have a need for? If so, you may want to contact me today to help you sell your things. The fee or percentage may vary depending on how much work is required (e.g. postage handling, taking pictures, listing ads and managing communications with buyers) and how much the item sells. The fee will only be charged if the item is sold. I do not expect the fee to vary too much but if I had to guess it may be typically $5-$10 per item, but could be as low as 50 c for an item that sells for a dollar. The maximum cut that I will take is 50%, which would be for items at the lower end of the price range (say $1) requiring a fair amount of work. As the sale price increases my cut will reduce accordingly. This may seem very altruistic but I want to be fair. I will of course, try to sell at competitive prices, but try to maximize profit.


Would you like to work with me? Feel free to get in touch.

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